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8295 49d 05h superturbocat2001 /skins/maxcodehack/blacky/ - Restored default.dtp in "blacky" skin  
8294 49d 06h superturbocat2001 /skins/maxcodehack/blacky/ - Added full dark theme  
8275 52d 04h leency /skins/ remove some skin duplications  
8269 52d 18h maxcodehack /skins/ Fix autobuild  
8268 52d 18h maxcodehack /skins/ Add new skin "Blacky"  
8267 52d 18h maxcodehack /skins/maxcodehack/blacky/ Add new skin #2 (I cant upload all in one revision)  
8266 52d 18h maxcodehack /skins/ Add new skin  
8264 52d 19h maxcodehack /skins/_old/WindowsXP/WinXP Classic blue/inactive/ Fix color 'inactive' in WinXP classic Blue skin  
8263 52d 19h maxcodehack /skins/_old/WindowsXP/WinXP Classic blue/active/ SKIN winXP classic blue  
8261 53d 12h leency / Appearance: added sorting to the list  
8260 53d 13h leency /skins/_old/WindowsXP/ fix prior  
8259 53d 13h leency /skins/ clean skins  
8258 53d 15h leency /skins/ Apply WindowsXP Classic Blue neat click effect to other WindowsXP Classic skins, remove some duplicated skins  
8257 53d 17h maxcodehack /skins/_old/WindowsXP/WinXP Classic blue/ SKIN: WindowsXP Classic Blue: fix button size (for neat click effect)  
8254 54d 10h leency / skins: remove duplicated and ugly/unusable  
8244 57d 08h leency / fpc fix examples folder, remove 2 old skins of mine  
8070 121d 20h ConLenov /skins/ConLenov/Guzel_magic/ Fix color to Guzel_magic skin  
8068 122d 10h dunkaist /skins/ConLenov/ Fix autobuild: rename tupfile.lua files to Tupfile.lua.  
8067 122d 16h ConLenov /skins/ Skins: add Guzel and Guzel_magic by ConLenov  
8066 122d 17h ConLenov /skins/ConLenov/Guzel_magic/ Skins: add Guzel and Guzel_magic by ConLenov  

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