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5098 1888d 10h clevermouse / switch build system to Tup  
4516 2120d 17h Albom /programs/system/shell/ Shell 0.7.4. Clipboard works. Ctrl+C copies the whole command line and Ctrl+V pastes it.  
4309 2176d 06h Albom /programs/system/shell/ Shell 0.7.3. Bug with '%' symbol in command history is fixed.  
4109 2209d 01h leency /programs/system/shell/ SHELL: fix for #3988  
4106 2209d 06h Albom / Shell 0.7.2. 1) .shell moved to /sys/settings. 2) "cd .." command fixed.  
4050 2216d 18h Albom /programs/system/shell/ Shell 0.7.1. Pressing Up and Down keys was causing hanging up the program when command history was empty (but nobody cares). Fixed.  
4016 2222d 14h leency /programs/system/shell/cmd/ small orthographic fix  
4015 2222d 14h Albom /programs/system/shell/ Shell 0.7.0. Command line editing implemented. + Some small fixes.  
4001 2225d 18h leency /programs/system/shell/system/ SHELL: fix strrchr warning  
3988 2227d 03h leency /programs/system/shell/ SHELL 0.6.4: relative passes support for scripts  
3916 2245d 06h Albom /programs/system/shell/ MSVC-style attributes for data align in structures (thanks to CleverMouse and Kirakishou!)  
3402 2427d 07h Albom /programs/ Quicksort dll and example.  
3268 2453d 14h Albom /programs/system/shell/ Shell version 0.6.2  
3247 2460d 09h Albom /programs/system/shell/ Shell v0.6.1. Some minor improvements.  
3245 2461d 13h Albom /programs/system/shell/ Shell v0.6. See History.txt.  
2829 2695d 09h Albom /programs/ kolibri.c improvements. + changes in shell, e80, console15, donkey, mcities, piton  
2735 2718d 12h Albom /programs/system/shell/ Shell 0.5.4: changes in console apps; history cmd added; ccpuid, free, killall cmds came back.  
2631 2764d 21h Albom /programs/system/shell/ Shell: pwd cmd fix  
2617 2767d 14h Albom /programs/system/shell/ Shell: ls command fix, other small fixes  
2615 2768d 17h Albom /programs/system/shell/ Shell: some small fixes  

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