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5098 1915d 12h clevermouse / switch build system to Tup  
4093 2237d 06h mario79 / Fix for r.4092  
4089 2237d 08h mario79 / PANEL - using of SETTINGS directory for INI.  
4033 2247d 13h heavyiron /programs/system/panel/trunk/ Panel: disabling frame on menu button  
4031 2247d 16h heavyiron / Panel usability fix: larger buttons without boarders, menu button is on the left now  
3927 2271d 07h kaitz / Translation for estonian language and fixes.
Build folder for estonian language.
3902 2282d 05h leency /programs/system/panel/trunk/ panel: second click on time will close calendar (if it was opened)  
3823 2340d 21h mario79 /programs/system/panel/trunk/ PANEL - reinstall screen work area after change screen resolution  
3713 2357d 11h mario79 / Change hotkey "PrintScreen" to "Ctrl + PrintScreen" because it causes problems with the numeric keypad keys (on the right).  
3672 2367d 14h hidnplayr /programs/system/panel/trunk/ panel: added history of latest revision, converted back to tabs instead of spaces, for the convenience of veterans.  
3670 2368d 12h hidnplayr /programs/system/panel/trunk/ @panel: do not change language when pressing alt gr + number
(Hotkeys should only use left alt)
3630 2375d 15h fedesco /programs/system/ italian version  
3420 2450d 11h esevece / Translation of menu.dat to spanish  
3415 2451d 01h esevece / Translating desktop to spanish  
3311 2474d 06h mario79 /programs/system/panel/trunk/ @PANEL - Safe shutdown programs through the menu - not more killing, only CPU (Task Manager) can the killing processes.  
3098 2554d 18h leency /programs/system/panel/trunk/ @panel: fixed desktop cropping size  
3014 2587d 17h dunkaist /programs/ merge to
place in /programs
delete all the other and files
correct some programs to use common
3013 2587d 18h dunkaist /programs/ place in /programs
delete all the other files
correct some programs to use common
2667 2760d 08h mario79 /programs/system/panel/trunk/ Correction of the TASK PANEL code for offsetting the effect of r.1391  
2649 2784d 13h mario79 /programs/system/panel/trunk/ TASK PANEL - Using new f18.23 - minimize all windows  

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