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7466 276d 22h leency /programs/ @open:
- fix new association adding [Critical]
- use system color for file path
- new feature: color schemes
- reopen option "Other" opens file in @open (thanks punk_joker for idea)
7217 471d 23h leency /programs/system/open/ @open: fix for case-sensitive file systems  
6832 910d 10h dunkaist /programs/ Move cmp* macros from to

We already have, there is no reason to have another file
special for cmp* macros that all fit into 7 lines.
6159 1257d 07h leency /programs/ @open: remove border around "Browse" button,
webview: fix encoding for internal pages
5913 1345d 01h eAndrew /programs/ @open: case insensitive sorintg; more convenient navigation using the keyboard  
5908 1345d 23h eAndrew / @open: add app-chains  
5907 1346d 01h eAndrew /programs/ @open: add apps sorting; add string.cmp for compare strings  
5906 1346d 04h eAndrew /programs/system/open/ @open: navigation by entering first char of name; tab and space hotkeys  
5905 1346d 22h eAndrew /programs/system/open/ @open: add keyboard control  
5903 1348d 03h eAndrew / Open: hide nonexistent applications  
5721 1434d 07h leency /programs/system/open/ @open: replace sys_color_new by system_colors  
5516 1588d 06h leency /programs/system/open/ @open: extension comparison is not case sensitive now (fix by e-andrew)  
5488 1601d 23h leency /programs/system/open/ @open: bigger checkbox  
5426 1610d 22h yogev_ezra /programs/system/open/ Rename iconstrp.png to icons32.png in @open  
5394 1617d 23h eAndrew / Add @open to svn