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5098 2029d 12h clevermouse / switch build system to Tup  
4814 2184d 14h eAndrew / Notify3: del HARDDRRIVE icon, integration in @icon and mouseemul  
3628 2489d 21h fedesco /programs/system/ italian version  
3326 2586d 07h leency /programs/system/mousemul/trunk/ mousemul: large description  
2710 2863d 02h mario79 /programs/system/mousemul/trunk/ MousEmul v1.2 - use the functions of 66.6, 66.7 (bug #33)  
2705 2864d 08h leency /programs/system/mousemul/trunk/ mousemul: small fix  
2687 2868d 13h leency /programs/system/mousemul/trunk/ mousemul 1.1: shows notify with instructions, while opening program  
1601 3498d 04h mario79 /programs/system/mousemul/trunk/ MousEmul
1) total optimization of code
2) different events for Up and Down of key Num 5
3) advansed acceleration mode
690 4477d 07h gluk /programs/system/mousemul/ moving stuff at "trunk" directory  
689 4477d 07h gluk /programs/system/mousemul/ deleted  
688 4477d 07h gluk /programs/system/mousemul/ build-file for mousEmul  
687 4477d 07h gluk /programs/system/mousemul/ mouse emulating thing via numpad, starts by pressing an NumLock key.