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5098 2276d 01h clevermouse / switch build system to Tup  
5017 2315d 18h GerdtR /programs/system/icon_new/ Receives a IPC-message about creating icons  
4946 2382d 23h yogev_ezra /programs/system/icon_new/ Fix typos  
4945 2383d 00h yogev_ezra /programs/system/icon_new/ Revert r4937  
4937 2387d 00h eAndrew /programs/system/icon_new/ Icon_new: Title of notifications was deleted.  
4844 2424d 20h leency /programs/system/icon_new/ @ICON: text close to icon  
4814 2431d 03h eAndrew / Notify3: del HARDDRRIVE icon, integration in @icon and mouseemul  
4336 2552d 20h GerdtR /programs/system/icon_new/ Changed the structure icon.ini. Now you can create icons with repetitive or empty names.  
4156 2589d 01h hidnplayr /programs/system/icon_new/ Better engrish labels for right click menu on desktop.  
4146 2590d 20h GerdtR /programs/system/icon_new/ Now take into account also the upper-left corner of the workspace.  
4091 2597d 21h GerdtR /programs/system/icon_new/ Now @icon looks for icon.ini in the SETTINGS  
4088 2598d 05h GerdtR /programs/system/icon_new/ Fixed menu. Build_et.bat corrected. Earlier name for kpack was wrong.  
4084 2598d 20h GerdtR /programs/system/icon_new/ Fixed bugs. Optimized bit.  
4082 2598d 21h GerdtR /programs/system/icon_new/ Fixed bugs. Upgraded the menu.  
4036 2607d 21h GerdtR /programs/system/icon_new/ Fixed a problem with the stack. Improved the right mouse button menu.  
4027 2608d 18h GerdtR /programs/system/icon_new/ Given the flow of dialogue and move windows icons different stack. The dialog window now draws the icon in its own buffer.  
4007 2612d 04h GerdtR /programs/system/icon_new/ Modified icon.ini . Icons do not get dirty. Fixed bug with moving icons.  
4003 2612d 21h GerdtR /programs/system/icon_new/ Setup window does not change size. Removed Icon field.  
3985 2615d 06h GerdtR /programs/system/icon_new/ Fixed a bug with a pause at startup  
3984 2615d 17h GerdtR /programs/system/icon_new/ Fixed a bug with a pause at the start and a bug where the moved icon is not immediately redrawn.  

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