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7817 83d 14h hidnplayr /programs/system/gmon/ Fix typo  
7676 324d 12h art_zh /programs/system/gmon/ fixed CPUID extended Family/Model detection for modern CPUs  
7134 936d 08h dunkaist /programs/ Remove some duplicates:,,, etc.  
6353 1579d 13h nisargshah95 /programs/system/gmon/ fix gmon flickering issue  
5952 1677d 09h pathoswithin /programs/system/gmon/ Ghost monitor: small fix  
5950 1678d 11h pathoswithin /programs/system/gmon/ Ghost monitor: text fix  
5920 1698d 16h IgorA /programs/system/gmon/ small fix in captions  
5098 2130d 17h clevermouse / switch build system to Tup  
3604 2595d 03h fedesco / italian version  
3008 2806d 09h art_zh /programs/system/gmon/ AMD SB710/Hudson HWM template for GMon  
2429 3050d 10h art_zh /programs/system/gmon/ GMon: simple precautions against division-by-zero error  
804 4400d 21h Lrz /programs/system/ add library and example on C--  
551 4769d 12h spraid /programs/ in some programs set not sized changed window  
518 4800d 15h Ghost /programs/system/gmon/ GMon
* bug fix in it87_get_fan_speed
510 4804d 16h Ghost /programs/ GMon & small fix  
500 4806d 17h Ghost /programs/system/gmon/ small changes  
340 4900d 08h heavyiron / *aclock - fixed default size
*fasm updated to 1.67.20
*gmon, setup, calendar - now use fn0 to draw header
*cpu - fix build for "lang fix ru" (it is necessary for new build_all.bat)
*build_all.bat - small fixes and some more functions. Programs now sorting to folders as they are in image. Added ability to compress apps by kpack
*Info about new function 53/11 from hidnplayr in docs
315 4908d 22h Ghost /programs/system/gmon/ GMon
* source bug fix
313 4909d 22h Ghost /programs/system/gmon/ GMon
* Intel NortWood multiplier bugfix
* some a small change
251 4947d 13h Ghost /programs/system/gmon/ * Foolish mistake will corrected )  

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