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6267 1500d 07h leency /programs/ bigger fonts in docpack; move /system/clip to /other/outdated/  
5098 2026d 10h clevermouse / switch build system to Tup  
4717 2193d 00h izikiel /programs/system/docpack/trunk/ remove .txt extension from button caption
fixed issue 21
4716 2193d 01h izikiel /programs/system/docpack/trunk/ fixed issue 21  
3835 2440d 14h mario79 / Update documentation for night build  
3587 2493d 19h fedesco /programs/ italian version  
2700 2863d 09h mario79 /programs/system/docpack/trunk/ Trying to correct errors of r.2698  
2698 2863d 18h leency /programs/system/docpack/trunk/ docpak: small update  
2689 2865d 10h sourcerer /programs/system/docpack/trunk/ DOCPACK: removed unnecessary file (bug #16)  
2258 3100d 14h mario79 / Correcting DOCKPACK  
1741 3359d 13h dunkaist /programs/system/ compilation fixes under Linux. Do not use backslashes, please...  
1736 3360d 13h clevermouse /programs/system/docpack/trunk/ multilanguage in docpack.asm  
1735 3360d 14h clevermouse / fix compilation in linux  
551 4665d 04h spraid /programs/ in some programs set not sized changed window  
539 4679d 09h spraid /programs/ changed path to /sys in some programs  
485 4708d 11h heavyiron / *kernel - fixes in 15.2 by Mario79 and 67 by mike.dld
updated sysfunc.txt
new icons and logo for CPUID and ICON
added new version of @ICON and ICONMNGR
fixes in iconedit and calendar from DedOK
new algoritm of fill background in pic4
all apps (fasm-writen only) rewriten to use common for easy recompile in fastcall mode (there is a bug in https; run need rewrite to use common
small fixes in build_all.bat script
205 4897d 10h heavyiron / Kernel: Smoothing image code from Mario79, build scripts for skin and drivers/build.bat
Programs: fasm updated to 1.67.14, small fixes in desktop, stackcfg, calc, board, pipes, freecell, big cleanup of unused programs, added some applications from distr...
180 4919d 01h heavyiron / *fixed info for 4th function in documentation
*added animage and kfar
*renamed docpak (to docpack)
*chess fixed by Yellow to use 70th function
*docpack, tetris, jpegview, trantest, desktop uses system colors, new functions of window drawing now
*removed old rd2hd and rd2fd
123 4977d 12h diamond /programs/system/docpak/ Sorry, I forgot to 'svn add' docpak