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9198 31d 02h Doczom /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ fix BUTTON.WIDTH in cpu.asm  
8576 260d 16h leency /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ cpu: ui improve  
8567 262d 19h Kenshin /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ CPU 0.2.2:
* UTF8Z window caption
8563 263d 09h Kenshin /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ CPU 0.2.1:
* editbox now uses 8x16 font
8562 263d 10h Kenshin /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ utf-8 fix  
8561 263d 12h Kenshin /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ CPU 0.2:
* fixed broken "system" checkbox
* UTF-8 strings
* 8x16 font
8533 284d 08h IgorA /programs/ fix tree_list (r. 7959)
fix t_edit (r. 7877)
7519 1087d 06h leency / app+: move its ini to IMG, ability to run it without /kolibrios/ mounted, translate ui  
7354 1137d 20h leency /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ cpu: delete terminate process button before create a new one  
6444 1959d 23h pathoswithin /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ buttons fix  
5427 2438d 19h yogev_ezra /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ Please don't remove /sys/LAUNCHER - it's needed when you start KolibriOS with option (d) turned off on blue screen.  
5420 2439d 01h leency /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ CPU Process Manager - change label "@ on/off" to "System", because it more clear, especially for newbies.  
4968 2703d 04h 0CodErr /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ launch tinfo from cpu application  
3955 2944d 21h mario79 /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ Optimization of r.3952  
3952 2945d 23h mario79 /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ CPU - inactive window does not receive mouse events  
3938 2946d 06h mario79 /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ Clear tasklist area before new cycle.  
3927 2953d 21h kaitz / Translation for estonian language and fixes.
Build folder for estonian language.
3779 3029d 11h mario79 /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ Restored the filtering of the system threads.  
3587 3065d 12h fedesco /programs/ italian version  
3408 3135d 20h hidnplayr /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ Fixed previously wrong label of window position in CPU (process manager)  

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