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868 4454d 17h serge /programs/system/drivers/ati2d/ r300_pio blit & transparent blit  
833 4517d 01h Lrz /programs/ add new version editbox in programs  
829 4517d 21h serge /programs/system/drivers/ati2d/ transparent blit  
818 4536d 12h serge /programs/system/drivers/ati2d/ unlock pixmaps  
817 4536d 22h serge /programs/system/drivers/ati2d/ lock pixmaps  
815 4537d 19h serge /programs/system/drivers/ati2d/ blit into pixmap  
813 4538d 18h serge /programs/system/drivers/ati2d/ use 3D texture engine for alpha blending  
812 4539d 21h serge /programs/system/drivers/ati2d/ use R300 pio mode  
811 4541d 00h serge /programs/system/drivers/ati2d/ setup 3D engine  
810 4543d 20h serge /programs/system/drivers/ati2d/ add bitblit  
808 4544d 13h serge /programs/system/drivers/ initial. command processor, solid & filed rectangles, lines  
804 4545d 20h Lrz /programs/system/ add library and example on C--  
748 4673d 02h heavyiron / *Remove unneeded and

*Remove 18.1 and 18.9.1 functions (sinse 465 revision they doesn't work), so CPU now use END application for reboot
NOTE: file ROSE.TXT don't used in kernel now and can be deleted from image

*New END application form Leency & Veliant
728 4681d 10h diamond /programs/system/menu/trunk/ @menu: bugfix: when child menu was closed on Esc, the same child could not be opened  
690 4723d 10h gluk /programs/system/mousemul/ moving stuff at "trunk" directory  
689 4723d 10h gluk /programs/system/mousemul/ deleted  
688 4723d 10h gluk /programs/system/mousemul/ build-file for mousEmul  
687 4723d 10h gluk /programs/system/mousemul/ mouse emulating thing via numpad, starts by pressing an NumLock key.  
665 4789d 20h diamond / * new system function for "send message"
* @panel: Alt+F4 sends close message rather than immediate kill
661 4794d 13h ataualpa /programs/ Some programs now use window style Y=4  

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