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959 4333d 22h leency /programs/system/shell/ Shell 0.4 from Albom  
957 4334d 11h leency /programs/system/vrr/trunk/ Unsizable VRR window (Y=4)  
955 4335d 02h serge /programs/system/drivers/rhd/ Radeon modesetting. Father of all "C" drivers.  
954 4335d 07h serge /programs/system/drivers/ 1) common headers
2) usb code
953 4335d 22h serge /programs/system/drivers/agp/ agp_generic_enable()  
951 4339d 07h serge /programs/system/drivers/agp/ more agp stuff  
948 4340d 04h serge /programs/system/drivers/agp/ agp: not-a-driver yet  
895 4375d 09h barsuk /programs/system/clip/ uploaded @clip - global clipboard  
894 4375d 10h barsuk /programs/system/disptest/ uploaded display test utility  
885 4382d 14h serge /programs/system/drivers/ati2d/ R500 alpha blending (only pow textures)  
883 4386d 15h serge /programs/system/drivers/ati2d/ command processor  
881 4389d 18h serge /programs/ pixlib 0.2  
880 4391d 01h serge /programs/ pixlib 0.1  
879 4392d 22h serge /programs/ cleanup  
878 4394d 00h serge /programs/system/drivers/ati2d/ draw border  
877 4395d 13h serge /programs/system/drivers/ati2d/ cleanup  
876 4396d 12h serge /programs/system/drivers/ati2d/ pixlib support  
873 4404d 15h heavyiron /programs/system/panel/trunk/ correct path to
removed unnecessary files
added default settings file "panel.dat"
872 4404d 17h heavyiron /programs/ fasm 1.67.27
@panel - removed binary file
icon - version from latest version kolibri
icon_new - movable icons (early development :)
cpuspeed - new title
870 4408d 16h barsuk /programs/system/panel/trunk/ Decreased number of repaints of window  

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