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6841 1230d 18h dunkaist /programs/system/os/ Fix ROOT path variable  
6839 1230d 19h clevermouse /programs/system/launch/trunk/ revert using INCLUDE= from r6834 because it breaks build on Windows  
6834 1231d 18h dunkaist /programs/system/launch/trunk/ Add launch to autobuild

This is example/experimental build:
- It uses INCLUDE environment variable to locate includes;
- It specifies language as -dlang=xx fasm option, no file.
6832 1231d 22h dunkaist /programs/ Move cmp* macros from to

We already have, there is no reason to have another file
special for cmp* macros that all fit into 7 lines.
6826 1244d 11h siemargl /programs/system/shell/ fix touch and much more  
6825 1244d 16h siemargl /programs/system/shell/ waitfor command  
6822 1249d 10h siemargl /programs/system/shell/ better up/dwn arrows, docu  
6821 1249d 20h siemargl /programs/system/shell/locale/ show kernel version on start  
6812 1258d 16h clevermouse /programs/system/os/ free the stack at exit  
6811 1258d 16h clevermouse /programs/system/os/ thread management for the system library  
6810 1258d 20h clevermouse /programs/system/os/ various fixes  
6789 1274d 21h IgorA /programs/ checkbox: clean code
picdev: fix names
6767 1282d 14h clevermouse /programs/system/os/ import processing for the system library  
6759 1286d 17h leency / CMM: fix in io.h, rename TEXTREADER into TXTREAD,
icons32.png: change colors for DIFF app
make RunOS window wider
6743 1288d 22h leency / replace Run by RunOD  
6695 1302d 22h pathoswithin /programs/system/RunOD/ optimizing  
6688 1304d 09h leency /programs/system/RunOD/ runOD: upload new version from punk_joker (24 Nov 2014)  
6687 1304d 10h leency /programs/system/run/trunk/ run: use big fonts  
6662 1308d 19h leency / DRIVERS: update atikms and intel (by Serge), remove ver.txt
END: fix mixed up "Kernel" and "Reboot" buttons
DRVINST: translations (thanks to hidnplayr)
6644 1310d 22h leency /programs/system/end/light/ end: fix typo  

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