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6219 1395d 15h leency /programs/ revert occasionally updated files in prior rev, add Tupfile for almaz game  
6218 1395d 15h leency /programs/ delete cmm/ttf_viewer, upload Almaz game (unplayable because player can't move to the top)  
6215 1396d 18h leency /programs/ calc: a bit more flexible GUI  
6209 1397d 11h leency /programs/ small fixes  
6196 1398d 23h leency /programs/ system_colors: global rename and change meaning of "grab_button" to "work_3d_dark", and "grab_button_text" to "work_3d_light", the legacy of new_sys_colors table  
6190 1399d 10h leency /programs/system/end/light/ end: bigger checkbox, no draw overlap  
6179 1400d 22h leency / - autobuid: added BabyPainter, Knight, Bomber
- game_center.ini: fixed paths
6170 1401d 19h leency / skincfg: remove old non-skinned window, gui fixes  
6169 1401d 21h leency / rename "desktop" app to "skincfg"  
6165 1402d 14h leency /programs/ keybi, simple paint: use skinned windows  
6162 1402d 17h leency /programs/ kpack, board, t_edit: revert using sys_colors_new to system_colors  
6159 1402d 21h leency /programs/ @open: remove border around "Browse" button,
webview: fix encoding for internal pages
6094 1415d 11h leency / remove /rd/1/develop/info/win_const.syn from autobuld
move kolibri.iso/Skins folder to kolibri.iso/kolibrios/res/skins for compatibility with appearance app
add appearance app to iso
desktop: no uppercase text in title
6054 1430d 09h leency /programs/system/colrdial/ color dialog: add OK, Cancel buttons  
6033 1435d 08h leency / default.skn: update to Shkvorka 2.1, move arcanii game to cd version, desktop app: wider buttons  
6002 1447d 20h veliant /programs/system/calendar/trunk/ Fix handling navigation keys  
5973 1455d 20h leency /programs/ Setup app: update, Mouse_cfg: small fix  
5952 1462d 10h pathoswithin /programs/system/gmon/ Ghost monitor: small fix  
5950 1463d 12h pathoswithin /programs/system/gmon/ Ghost monitor: text fix  
5925 1480d 08h pathoswithin /programs/system/board/trunk/ Board: text scroll fix  
5924 1480d 08h pathoswithin /programs/system/setup/trunk/ Setup: less flicker  
5920 1483d 17h IgorA /programs/system/gmon/ small fix in captions  
5919 1484d 18h pathoswithin /programs/system/setup/trunk/ Setup: no flicker test.  
5913 1490d 14h eAndrew /programs/ @open: case insensitive sorintg; more convenient navigation using the keyboard  
5908 1491d 13h eAndrew / @open: add app-chains  
5907 1491d 14h eAndrew /programs/ @open: add apps sorting; add string.cmp for compare strings  
5906 1491d 17h eAndrew /programs/system/open/ @open: navigation by entering first char of name; tab and space hotkeys  
5905 1492d 11h eAndrew /programs/system/open/ @open: add keyboard control  
5903 1493d 16h eAndrew / Open: hide nonexistent applications  
5900 1493d 21h eAndrew /programs/ add processbar; fix redraws and a lot of other bugs  
5892 1494d 13h eAndrew /programs/ Notify 3.3: add controllers support, a lot of fixes, optimizations and great refactoring  
5891 1495d 14h eAndrew /programs/system/notify3/ Notify: fix parsing of args  
5889 1495d 17h eAndrew /programs/system/notify3/ Notify optimization & code refactoring  
5888 1495d 17h pathoswithin /programs/system/ss/trunk/ Screensaver optimization  
5880 1497d 10h pathoswithin /programs/system/calendar/trunk/ Calendar: text fix  
5875 1499d 10h pathoswithin /programs/system/ Small fixes  
5874 1499d 19h pathoswithin /programs/system/setup/trunk/ Setup: deleted keyboard layout option, added font height option.  
5872 1500d 16h pathoswithin /programs/system/taskbar/trunk/ Taskbar: some cleaning and refactoring  
5868 1502d 17h eAndrew /programs/system/notify3/ add ALWAYS_TOP feature; small optimization  
5862 1505d 21h punk_joker /programs/system/eskin/trunk/ fix r5861