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5488 1958d 06h leency /programs/system/open/ @open: bigger checkbox  
5476 1959d 12h eAndrew /programs/system/notify3/ notify: closing by <escape>  
5475 1959d 14h leency /programs/system/docky/trunk/ DOCKY: add "ashow" - always show (do not hide) flag support  
5453 1962d 10h leency / Rename panel.ini to taskbar.ini  
5452 1962d 11h leency / Rename Panel to Taskbar  
5439 1965d 02h leency /programs/system/icon_new/ @icon: display icon number while editing, 4 icon lines  
5433 1966d 04h eAndrew / @PANEL.ASM -> PANEL.ASM  
5432 1966d 04h eAndrew / Add @volume - system volume mixer  
5427 1967d 04h yogev_ezra /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ Please don't remove /sys/LAUNCHER - it's needed when you start KolibriOS with option (d) turned off on blue screen.  
5426 1967d 04h yogev_ezra /programs/system/open/ Rename iconstrp.png to icons32.png in @open  
5425 1967d 05h leency / iconstrp.png rename to icons32.png, update icons  
5420 1967d 11h leency /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ CPU Process Manager - change label "@ on/off" to "System", because it more clear, especially for newbies.  
5410 1970d 11h eAndrew /programs/system/notify3/ Fix in default notification  
5396 1974d 06h eAndrew /programs/system/open/ Fix autobuild #2  
5395 1974d 06h eAndrew /programs/system/open/ Fix autobuild  
5394 1974d 06h eAndrew / Add @open to svn  
5210 2046d 00h serge /programs/system/shell/cmd/ shell: change the current working directory  
5207 2046d 15h clevermouse /programs/system/shell/modules/ fix shell  
5195 2049d 08h clevermouse /programs/system/os/ part of main system dll, not usable yet  
5162 2074d 11h mario79 /programs/system/mgb/trunk/ MGB - fix of version number for r.5160.  

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