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4931 2348d 06h hidnplayr /programs/system/setup/trunk/ Fixed 'ยต' key in belgian keymap  
4915 2368d 11h mario79 /programs/system/mgb/trunk/ MGB v0.81 - fix "benchmark GS selector" for some display sizes(for example, 1366 by horizontal) and code optimization  
4884 2376d 11h leency /programs/system/notify3/icons/ notify.orig.png: small icons fix  
4881 2377d 06h mario79 /programs/system/desktop/trunk/ DESKTOP - fix for italian and spanish version.  
4880 2377d 08h leency /programs/system/calendar/trunk/ calendar: consider @panel attachment  
4879 2377d 09h leency /programs/system/board/trunk/ board: remove unnecessary code  
4877 2377d 09h eAndrew /programs/system/notify3/ Notify 3: consider that @panel could be in the top  
4876 2377d 09h leency /programs/system/board/trunk/ Board: consider that @panel could be in the top  
4871 2378d 04h leency /programs/system/ delete old notify  
4862 2379d 16h leency /programs/system/cpuid/trunk/ CPUid: hide "Press for more" button (fix redraw)  
4844 2383d 06h leency /programs/system/icon_new/ @ICON: text close to icon  
4825 2387d 07h gtament /programs/system/setup/trunk/ Fixed junk draw at the bottom of Setup application window  
4822 2388d 13h eAndrew / Notify3: icon P -> S; new "sound" and "ok" icons  
4815 2389d 13h eAndrew /programs/system/notify3/icons/ Notify3: original icons and readme  
4814 2389d 13h eAndrew / Notify3: del HARDDRRIVE icon, integration in @icon and mouseemul  
4812 2390d 06h eAndrew / Notify 3: filenames to lowercase  
4811 2390d 07h eAndrew /programs/system/rdsave/trunk/ fix  
4810 2390d 07h eAndrew /programs/system/rdsave/trunk/ RDSave: Notify 3 support  
4809 2390d 11h eAndrew / Notify 3: fix TEST.SH (-d key); add TEST2.SH (all icons); new icons in NOTIFY3.PNG; some changes in source...  
4802 2391d 08h eAndrew /programs/system/notify3/ Notify 3: added testing script  

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