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372 5077d 21h heavyiron /programs/ menu renamed to @menu, fixes in panel from  
371 5077d 22h heavyiron /programs/system/rdsave/trunk/ added default path for reserve saving (you can change it in rdsave.asm - path4 and recompile program)  
353 5084d 04h heavyiron /programs/ *added OptionBox
*temporary links to editbox and checkbox (..\..\..\develop\examples...) for rdsave, run, scrshoot
*optimised circle
349 5084d 18h Lrz /programs/system/run/trunk/ upgrade edit_box  
341 5088d 01h heavyiron / *new function 18/6 with LFN support from diamond 26.09.06 (see docs)
*new RDsave from me
*end - added button to run rdsave
*cpu - title with fn0
340 5088d 05h heavyiron / *aclock - fixed default size
*fasm updated to 1.67.20
*gmon, setup, calendar - now use fn0 to draw header
*cpu - fix build for "lang fix ru" (it is necessary for new build_all.bat)
*build_all.bat - small fixes and some more functions. Programs now sorting to folders as they are in image. Added ability to compress apps by kpack
*Info about new function 53/11 from hidnplayr in docs
320 5095d 19h Ghost /programs/system/cpuid/trunk/ Trying to fix MOS_UZEL.INC stuck  
319 5095d 20h mikedld /programs/system/cpuid/trunk/ Trying to fix MOS_UZEL.INC stuck  
318 5096d 05h heavyiron /programs/system/ *CPUID 2.17 from Wildwest
*skinsel from diamond
*end, menu, @panel - more stable with different system colors
*@rb - new menu
*@panel - fixed drawing cpu usage in QEMU and maybe on some real comps
315 5096d 19h Ghost /programs/system/gmon/ GMon
* source bug fix
313 5097d 20h Ghost /programs/system/gmon/ GMon
* Intel NortWood multiplier bugfix
* some a small change
309 5098d 18h heavyiron /programs/system/run/trunk/ fixed English build  
308 5098d 19h Lrz /programs/system/run/trunk/ upgrade a programme  
305 5098d 23h Lrz /programs/system/run/trunk/ upgrade RUN, add new edit_box  
304 5099d 15h diamond /programs/system/ @panel, setup: deleted useless code  
299 5102d 18h kaitz /programs/ Updated Tinypad 4.0.4 Estonian part
Translated Calendar to Estonian
275 5116d 15h kaitz /programs/system/ Estonian key_map and system_language in setup and panel.  
274 5117d 10h kaitz / Translated applications 'end' and 'desktop' to Estonian.
Added Estonian VGA font for boot time.
Corrected some misspellings.
268 5120d 14h kaitz /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ Estonian language for cpu.asm  
251 5135d 11h Ghost /programs/system/gmon/ * Foolish mistake will corrected )  

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