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3098 2903d 16h leency /programs/system/panel/trunk/ @panel: fixed desktop cropping size  
3041 2930d 04h leency /programs/system/ del tmpdisk from system folder  
3035 2932d 10h leency /programs/system/tmpdisk/ tmpdisk 0.1  
3014 2936d 15h dunkaist /programs/ merge to
place in /programs
delete all the other and files
correct some programs to use common
3013 2936d 16h dunkaist /programs/ place in /programs
delete all the other files
correct some programs to use common
3008 2940d 02h art_zh /programs/system/gmon/ AMD SB710/Hudson HWM template for GMon  
2862 3055d 17h leency /programs/system/notify/trunk/ notify: optimizations, manual build  
2861 3055d 17h leency /programs/system/icon/trunk/ icon: update defaults "000-SYSXTREE" -> "004-CALC"  
2836 3069d 03h leency /programs/system/menu/trunk/ menu: text centered by y  
2829 3071d 10h Albom /programs/ kolibri.c improvements. + changes in shell, e80, console15, donkey, mcities, piton  
2743 3093d 13h dunkaist /programs/system/board/trunk/ board: fixed-size window  
2735 3094d 13h Albom /programs/system/shell/ Shell 0.5.4: changes in console apps; history cmd added; ccpuid, free, killall cmds came back.  
2710 3098d 01h mario79 /programs/system/mousemul/trunk/ MousEmul v1.2 - use the functions of 66.6, 66.7 (bug #33)  
2705 3099d 06h leency /programs/system/mousemul/trunk/ mousemul: small fix  
2700 3101d 10h mario79 /programs/system/docpack/trunk/ Trying to correct errors of r.2698  
2699 3101d 10h mario79 /programs/system/refrscrn/ REFRESH SCREEN  
2698 3101d 19h leency /programs/system/docpack/trunk/ docpak: small update  
2697 3102d 02h mario79 /programs/system/icon/trunk/ ICON - fixed crash when trying to select some of the icons (bug #13)  
2689 3103d 11h sourcerer /programs/system/docpack/trunk/ DOCPACK: removed unnecessary file (bug #16)  
2687 3103d 11h leency /programs/system/mousemul/trunk/ mousemul 1.1: shows notify with instructions, while opening program  

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