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1764 3454d 15h clevermouse / autobuild HLL stuff  
1755 3460d 06h dunkaist /programs/system/panel/trunk/ final (i hope) alt+f4 fix. this one is for @panel  
1754 3460d 08h dunkaist /programs/system/menu/trunk/ alt+f4 fix for @menu. now it closes all the tree. such fix is still needed for @panel  
1751 3460d 15h dunkaist /programs/system/icon/trunk/ Alt+F4 fix. (icon.asm from diamond's last nightbuild)  
1747 3460d 20h mario79 /programs/system/ss/trunk/ End fix @ss  
1746 3461d 06h mario79 /programs/system/ss/trunk/ interim audit for @SS N2  
1745 3461d 06h mario79 /programs/system/ss/ interim audit for @SS  
1743 3461d 14h clevermouse / better english name for light branch of END; compile light branch, not trunk  
1742 3461d 14h mario79 /programs/system/end/easy/ Restore the easy version of END application  
1741 3461d 16h dunkaist /programs/system/ compilation fixes under Linux. Do not use backslashes, please...  
1736 3462d 17h clevermouse /programs/system/docpack/trunk/ multilanguage in docpack.asm  
1735 3462d 17h clevermouse / fix compilation in linux  
1728 3483d 16h clevermouse /programs/ fix compilation in linux  
1725 3489d 15h clevermouse /programs/ Files {BOARD,AIRC}.ASM restored from before svn.1723:
- BOARD.ASM@1723 can not be compiled (wrong path to MACROS.INC)
- AIRC.ASM@1723 lacks english support
1724 3490d 09h mario79 /programs/system/board/trunk/ BOARD - rollback to a previous version  
1723 3490d 11h ataualpa /programs/ Stackcfg: improved Russian translation and added Ukrainian, AIRC: added Russian translation  
1702 3525d 09h Lrz /programs/ Add newline a nightbuild  
1674 3547d 14h Nasarus /programs/system/shell/bin/ bins added  
1673 3547d 14h Nasarus /programs/system/shell/ Shell 0.4.52. "killall" added & bugfixes  
1670 3550d 23h Nasarus /programs/system/shell/ some changes  

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