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8088 27d 16h dunkaist / Replace some hardcoded /rd/1 paths with /sys.  
8078 38d 10h superturbocat2001 /programs/system/shell/cmd/ Fixed build of the Russian version.  
8077 38d 10h superturbocat2001 /programs/system/shell/system/ Add fs info header  
8076 38d 10h superturbocat2001 /programs/system/shell/ add makefile template  
8075 38d 10h superturbocat2001 /programs/system/shell/cmd/ Added info command to shell  
8074 38d 10h superturbocat2001 /programs/system/shell/ Added file for build configuration in linux.  
7994 155d 07h leency / Backy: new version by JohnXenox  
7988 156d 17h leency / notify: use image of any color depth
notify3.png: pack image -1.5Kb without colors degradation
7961 162d 08h leency /programs/ move rb and skinsel to outdated folder  
7957 163d 03h leency / icon_new: also fix RMB, thanks Prohor for found issue
asciivju: better code, bigger fonts
quark: bugfixes
7956 163d 06h leency /programs/ sysmon: kill process by delete key
@icon: fix old issue with accedental icon click when user moved clicked mouse from active window
7939 165d 10h leency / eskin: check skin exists 5 times with delay  
7938 165d 12h leency / eskin: fix for KIV images located at /kolibrios and /usbhd drives, it checks is the file exists for 5 times with perioud 1 second
fNav, kfar: add assoc dtp=skincfg
cmm/osupdate: upload
7937 165d 15h leency / icons16.png: new icon for .pal and .dtp files
skincfg: support of .dtp file open
7935 166d 06h leency /programs/ WebView: fix parsetag
@menu: better contrast for skins with equal to 0x000000
7902 174d 13h leency /programs/system/calendar/trunk/ calendar: update time on button click, not by timeout  
7900 174d 15h leency / more apps into testing folder  
7899 174d 15h leency / move some apps to the programs/testing folder  
7872 177d 05h leency / Eskin: if skin file was not defined then no skin set. Default system skin will be used in this case. Probably a bit speedup system boot.
TxtRead: autodetect encoding, fix about encoding
7870 177d 06h leency / move eskin.ini settings into system.ini  

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