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8634 16h 07m turbocat /programs/system/shell/ SHELL:
- Added new SC_PING api
- Renamed from SC_GET_PID to SC_PID
8633 1d 03h turbocat /programs/system/shell/ SHELL:
- Added new API: SC_GET_PID
- Fixed data type pid - unsigned int.
- Fixed cmd_ps output pid;
8576 28d 00h leency /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ cpu: ui improve  
8569 29d 12h IgorA /programs/ load_lib.mac: add italian language  
8568 30d 02h IgorA /programs/ fix mouse redraw in 'checkbox'  
8567 30d 02h Kenshin /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ CPU 0.2.2:
* UTF8Z window caption
8563 30d 16h Kenshin /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ CPU 0.2.1:
* editbox now uses 8x16 font
8562 30d 17h Kenshin /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ utf-8 fix  
8561 30d 19h Kenshin /programs/system/cpu/trunk/ CPU 0.2:
* fixed broken "system" checkbox
* UTF-8 strings
* 8x16 font
8560 31d 00h Kenshin /programs/system/board/trunk/ new board 1.0.1
for board 1.0:
* 8x16 fonts
* log updating
* daemon mode
* advanced parameter string parsing and new params
* adaptive window
* fullscreen mode
* two separate buttons for display mode
* no "K : " prefix
* exception-caused forced termination highlight
for board 1.0.1:
* minimal-sized window fix
8533 51d 16h IgorA /programs/ fix tree_list (r. 7959)
fix t_edit (r. 7877)
8532 53d 05h IgorA /programs/ change cursor in t_edit  
8489 66d 16h maxcodehack /programs/system/menu/trunk/ @menu: bigger font  
8484 68d 01h leency / system menu: smaller config files  
8427 78d 06h leency /programs/system/taskbar/trunk/ TASKBAR: change lang by a single Ctrl+Shift (thanks Mihail Serebryakov for the bugreport)  
8400 80d 23h leency /programs/ searchap: allow user to give the path to mount  
8346 86d 03h IgorA /programs/ box_lib.obj: clear code  
8293 93d 07h leency /programs/system/ /system/mm: remove because user access to operating system memory won't ever be possible again  
8288 93d 14h IgorA /programs/ update ColorDialog  
8271 96d 07h IgorA /programs/ animage use ColorDialog  

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