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9883 48 d 17 h Doczom /programs/system/amd_temp_view/ AMDtemp: fix parser and code style. TODO: add function for device subsystem  
9877 76 d 22 h Doczom /programs/system/docky/trunk/ docky.asm: fix timeout for connect to @reshare  
9876 84 d 15 h Doczom /programs/system/docky/trunk/ docky.asm: added notify from error load @RESHARE  
9870 112 d 16 h Doczom /programs/system/amd_temp_view/ AMDtemp: updated the interface and the function of saving graph. The program uses futex.
TODO: fix parser and add check drivers list
9858 144 d 22 h Doczom /programs/system/amd_temp_view/ added color for output text  
9808 210 d 6 h Coldy /programs/system/shell/ shell:
- fixed definitions
- stack locals changed to heap variables (reduced app size)
9781 223 d 23 h vitalkrilov /programs/ added feature (which was expected to be) of custom HELPERDIR for some Tupfile's (btw there are still many files with same problem)  
9780 224 d 17 h Doczom /programs/system/shell/ add new function - lsmod
This function input list loaded drivers.
9771 230 d 19 h Doczom /programs/system/amd_temp_view/ AMDtemp: added creating file for program "Graph". To save this file, write the path to it as a parameter.  
9760 239 d 8 h Doczom /programs/system/amd_temp_view/ AMDtemp: added creating file for program "Graph". File creats on ram disk.  
9641 323 d 1 h IgorA /programs/system/skincfg/trunk/ update file register filter  
9632 324 d 7 h leency /programs/ skincfg: fix
imgedit: wip
9624 325 d 20 h turbocat /programs/system/shell/ SHELL: now uses autoimport.  
9587 331 d 2 h vitalkrilov /programs/ Fixed misuse of "/rd/1" (changed to "/sys") for all other programs  
9570 333 d 20 h IgorA /programs/ buf2d.obj: fix in functions: buf2d_bit_blt_transp, buf2d_draw_text.  
9568 334 d 17 h IgorA /programs/ fix function name 'edit_box' to 'edit_box_draw'  
9540 337 d 18 h leency /programs/system/end/light/ end: -1 sector  
9531 338 d 17 h leency / RDSave: use app.ini instead of standalone rdsave.ini  
9530 338 d 17 h leency /programs/ docky: colors change on fly, use reshare, refactoring
appearance: remove "Update Dock" checkbox, UI inprovements
9527 339 d 0 h rgimad /programs/system/menu/trunk/ @menu: fix bug with colors when using other skins  

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