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6239 1797d 06h IgorA /programs/other/t_edit/ add select word by double click  
6238 1797d 09h IgorA /programs/other/planet_v/ update code  
6216 1800d 06h leency / Aelia: fix check_is_the_adress_local(), slighter font smooth
calc: fix dec-hex-bin 3d style button appearance
Blueberries skin: update
6215 1800d 11h leency /programs/ calc: a bit more flexible GUI  
6214 1800d 11h leency /programs/other/calc/trunk/ calc 1.4: better gui, big fonts  
6196 1802d 15h leency /programs/ system_colors: global rename and change meaning of "grab_button" to "work_3d_dark", and "grab_button_text" to "work_3d_light", the legacy of new_sys_colors table  
6169 1805d 13h leency / rename "desktop" app to "skincfg"  
6163 1806d 08h leency /programs/other/calcplus/ calcplus fix colors  
6162 1806d 09h leency /programs/ kpack, board, t_edit: revert using sys_colors_new to system_colors  
6112 1814d 10h hidnplayr /programs/other/t_edit/ Fix spelling mistake.  
6087 1823d 04h IgorA /programs/ fixed position of signatures when pressing [f1]
update 'asm' syntax file
6086 1824d 07h IgorA /programs/ optimize and fix 't_edit'  
5939 1874d 13h IgorA /programs/ small fix in 't_edit'  
5918 1889d 03h IgorA /programs/other/t_edit/ fix function save file (broken rev 5643)  
5911 1895d 03h IgorA /programs/ 1) update 'tree_list', functions use stdcall
2) update 5 programs for new 'tree_list'
5831 1950d 15h IgorA /programs/other/t_edit/ fix copy key words to buffer  
5830 1950d 16h IgorA /programs/other/t_edit/ small fix  
5673 1993d 12h leency /programs/other/calc/trunk/ Calc 1.35: use big font for number display  
5671 1993d 16h leency /programs/other/t_edit/ TextEdit: more menu items  
5667 1994d 12h Pathoswithin / update system font  

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