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8554 9h 12m superturbocat2001 /programs/other/Weather/ Update Weather 1.2b:
- Fixed all memory leaks.
- A workaround for img_blend is to use integer types.
- The window adheres to the system style.
- The window becomes larger if the location name does not fit.
8553 13h 35m superturbocat2001 /programs/other/Weather/ - Added Weather 1.0b  
8542 5d 00h superturbocat2001 /programs/other/ - Replaced GPL3 by GPL2
- Deleted GPL3 LICENSE file
8525 21d 19h maxcodehack /programs/other/outdated/sysxtree/trunk/ Fix autobuild  
8524 21d 19h maxcodehack /programs/ - SDL Demo - fix Tupfile.lua
- Move sysxtree and mfar to outdated
8507 24d 14h superturbocat2001 /programs/other/GameHack/ - GameHack 0.1 alpha  
8472 34d 10h superturbocat2001 / - Added teatool to autobuild
- Added CONFIG_NO_TCC=full to tup.config.template
8466 37d 14h superturbocat2001 /programs/other/TinyHashView/ TinyHashView 2.6: added editbox from boxlib library.  
8460 38d 16h superturbocat2001 / - Added thashview to autobuild  
8442 40d 23h IgorA /programs/ tinygl.obj: add some functions, delete old file load_lib
8430 42d 13h superturbocat2001 /programs/other/TinyHashView/ TinyHashView 2.5:
- Added launch of OpenDialog if the program is launched without parameters.
- Macros are used for convenient work with the clipboard
8408 44d 16h IgorA /programs/ tinygl: add some double functions, add bcc32 example
libimg: small optimize
8393 45d 18h maxcodehack /programs/other/tte/ Fix '-v' option  
8391 45d 21h maxcodehack /programs/other/tte/ Fix autobuild  
8390 45d 21h maxcodehack /programs/other/tte/ Fix autobuild  
8388 45d 21h maxcodehack /programs/other/tte/ Fix autobuild  
8387 45d 21h maxcodehack /programs/other/tte/ Add tte to autobuild  
8386 45d 21h maxcodehack /programs/other/tte/ Fix -O2 bug in TTE  
8385 46d 00h maxcodehack /programs/other/tte/ Add GCC to tte makefile  
8373 47d 12h superturbocat2001 /programs/other/TinyHashView/ - Fixed cursor in THashView  

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