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8116 5d 08h maxcodehack /programs/other/tte/ Some updates for TinyTextEditor  
8073 38d 03h superturbocat2001 /programs/other/TinyHashView/ initial commit.  
7962 162d 01h leency /programs/other/outdated/rb/trunk/ rename @rb into rb  
7961 162d 01h leency /programs/ move rb and skinsel to outdated folder  
7951 163d 00h leency /programs/ cmm/txtread: delete app
bgitest: move to other/outdated
7934 166d 01h leency /programs/other/ graph_tablelib: remove, non-actual anymore  
7933 166d 02h leency /programs/other/graph/ graph: set proper edit_box structure  
7908 172d 11h leency /programs/other/ graph: attempt to fix editbox
table wider editbox
7898 174d 08h leency /programs/other/table/ fix prior  
7897 174d 08h leency /programs/other/table/ table: fix the detection of separator in a small files (fix issue #61)  
7861 178d 09h IgorA /programs/ buf2d.obj: update function 'buf2d_bit_blt'  
7835 184d 01h leency /programs/ netsurf is coming back  
7834 184d 03h leency / add '-ker' key to kpack to pack kernel
remove kerpack from IMG
7832 184d 06h leency /programs/ scrshoot: less options  
7829 185d 02h leency /programs/ KPACK: bigger font, FASM: upd UI  
7786 198d 09h leency /programs/ @menu: return to orthodox flat design  
7785 198d 21h leency /programs/ move into notify3 folder, move cmd to outdated folder  
7784 198d 22h leency /programs/ various updates  
7777 201d 02h theonlymirage /programs/other/ha/ HAconfig: Fixed offset (height) for popup menu  
7776 201d 03h leency /programs/other/ha/ HA Config 0.3.9: bigger font  

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