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8262 1d 14h IgorA /programs/ t_edit: fix open null file  
8256 2d 05h leency / Various small fixes  
8255 2d 06h IgorA /programs/ heed: fix open & edit null file  
8252 4d 12h IgorA / life2: use open dialog, big font in caption  
8251 4d 13h superturbocat2001 /programs/ - Added TEAtool source files
- Compressed kos32-tcc
- Changed the paths of the output files in
8250 4d 13h superturbocat2001 /programs/ - Fixed ktcc build for linux
- Added Makefile.linux32
- Added TEAtool and fixed console title
- Fixed crash of THashView
8236 6d 15h IgorA /programs/ 1) some programs use new macros load_lib.mac
2) bcc32 add example use libimg.obj
8226 8d 11h maxcodehack /programs/other/tte/ FIx makefile in tte  
8225 8d 12h maxcodehack /programs/other/tte/ Fix "Systax highlighting does not work if the extension is in upper case." in TinyTextEditor  
8128 26d 16h maxcodehack / Remove some unused files:
- Old picture
- Old makefile
- fix makefile in rasterworks example
8127 26d 16h maxcodehack /programs/other/tte/ Update TTE:
- Help via @notify
8121 29d 19h maxcodehack /programs/other/tte/ Update TinyTextEditor: remove unused scrollbar in console.  
8116 35d 15h maxcodehack /programs/other/tte/ Some updates for TinyTextEditor  
8073 68d 10h superturbocat2001 /programs/other/TinyHashView/ initial commit.  
7962 192d 08h leency /programs/other/outdated/rb/trunk/ rename @rb into rb  
7961 192d 08h leency /programs/ move rb and skinsel to outdated folder  
7951 193d 08h leency /programs/ cmm/txtread: delete app
bgitest: move to other/outdated
7934 196d 09h leency /programs/other/ graph_tablelib: remove, non-actual anymore  
7933 196d 09h leency /programs/other/graph/ graph: set proper edit_box structure  
7908 202d 18h leency /programs/other/ graph: attempt to fix editbox
table wider editbox

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