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7663 274d 04h IgorA /programs/other/cnc_editor/ add button for optimize figure  
7662 275d 12h IgorA /programs/other/ add opening files from the command line  
7649 285d 15h leency /programs/ move programs to /other/outdated folder: copy2, imgview, mv, dictionary
upload correct mfar sources
7648 287d 06h leency / eyes: fix blinking
piano: add to rus IMG, make the code more flexible
graph: big fonts
7631 310d 15h leency / convert files into 8.3  
7620 331d 03h dunkaist /programs/other/graph_tablelib/ graph_tablelib: fix build  
7619 331d 11h leency /programs/other/ move graph/graph_tablelib to graph_tablelib  
7618 331d 11h leency /programs/other/graph/ upload graph which is using table libraries  
7617 332d 03h leency / small fixes  
7583 381d 03h IgorA /programs/ tedit: add case sensitive  
7582 381d 23h dunkaist /programs/other/kpack/kerpack_linux/ Fix #121: fix kpack and kerpack linking on linux64 with -no-pie flag  
7579 388d 04h IgorA / t_edit:
1) add keys Ctrl+H, Ctrl+G
2) update panels code
7577 394d 02h IgorA / t_edit: add function ted_but_replace, fix code  
7576 396d 12h IgorA /programs/ t_edit: update found functions  
7575 402d 12h IgorA /programs/other/ t_edit: fix 2 icons, fix exit function
t_edit_synt: update program, clean code
7573 406d 13h IgorA /programs/other/t_edit/ fix r 7571, clean code  
7572 407d 12h leency /programs/other/t_edit/ TEdit: add "Save as" menu item, better pack icons  
7571 409d 08h IgorA /programs/ add save files Ctrl+S and Ctrl+Shift+S  
7570 412d 13h IgorA /programs/other/t_edit/ 1) fix dialog save on press Ctrl+S
2) fix file name in dialog save file
7559 457d 10h art_zh /programs/other/fft/ 2018 (C) proof  
7544 471d 01h leency / table 0.99.3: fix several bugs
templates: upload to svn, add to ISO/res/templates
7518 477d 15h leency /programs/ Table: select all by CTRL+A and click on the left top cell
Eolite: do not show size for cd
7517 478d 02h leency /programs/other/table/ Table: check ext ignoring text case  
7516 478d 03h leency / Table 0.99.1:
- autodetect separator
- open with param
- add accoc to fm
7508 479d 11h IgorA /programs/ new style for cursor position in 'tree_list'  
7507 480d 06h leency /programs/ boxlib edit_box: do not display pgup, pgdown press
fptc: fix for Tab press when no field selected
table 0.99: proper behaviour when cell is edited, use scancodes
7505 482d 05h pathoswithin /programs/other/rtfread/trunk/ fix for no file  
7504 482d 06h leency / Table 0.98.9:
- big fonts
- use system colors
- use @notify to show load/save file status
- fixed: grid do not steal focus when scroll used
- fixed: window restore after making it very small
update Table icon and add it APP+
7503 483d 11h leency /programs/other/table/ Table 0.98.5: UI refinement, bugfixing  
7500 486d 08h leency /programs/ mouse_cfg: fix for double click (thanks 0CodErr for bug found)
boxlib->editbox: filter super (windows) key
table: continue code refactoring
7498 488d 03h leency /programs/other/table/ table: use boxlib scrollbars, code refactoring, bug fixing and optimizing  
7495 488d 10h leency /programs/other/table/ update local build, preparation for app update  
7488 490d 05h IgorA /programs/other/t_edit/ t_edit: add new options for toolbar to *.ini file  
7472 493d 13h leency / rename FONT_VIEWER to KF_VIEW
add more apps to APP+
7470 493d 20h theonlymirage /programs/other/ha/ Hot Angles readme update  
7469 493d 20h theonlymirage /programs/other/ha/ HACONFIG 0.3.8: support resizing elements  
7468 494d 02h leency / pong3: update ui, fix bugs
icons32.png: new t_edit icon
7467 494d 09h leency / t_edit: compress images so binary file size decreased from 11558 to 9237, better INI color scheme, set INI associations to TextEdit  
7461 495d 19h theonlymirage /programs/other/ha/ @HOTANGLES fix code in trim (symbol "tab")  
7460 495d 20h theonlymirage /programs/other/ha/ Hot Angles: Little code cleaning