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7631 307d 17h leency / convert files into 8.3  
7580 385d 05h IgorA /programs/network/ftpc/ fix 7579  
7579 385d 06h IgorA / t_edit:
1) add keys Ctrl+H, Ctrl+G
2) update panels code
7577 391d 04h IgorA / t_edit: add function ted_but_replace, fix code  
7509 476d 11h leency / ftpc: restrict cursor move to existing nodes  
7507 477d 07h leency /programs/ boxlib edit_box: do not display pgup, pgdown press
fptc: fix for Tab press when no field selected
table 0.99: proper behaviour when cell is edited, use scancodes
7490 487d 04h leency /programs/ Eolite 4.02: asc and desc sorting order, save current file selection after changing sorting order (thanks lev for idea)  
7489 487d 06h leency /programs/network/ftpc/ ftpc 0.15: use system colors for login, show error if no server set, fix letter spacing in edit0 at main window  
7487 487d 16h nisargshah95 /programs/network/ftpc/ ftpc:
- reduce log font size
- refresh local directory list after download
7465 492d 07h leency /programs/network/ftpc/ ftpc: use tab to switch between editboxes  
7464 492d 08h leency /programs/network/ftpc/ ftpc 0.12a:
- bigger fonts in editbox
- press enter to login
- compressed images: 3 sectors instead of 5, system icons
7463 492d 11h nisargshah95 /programs/network/ftpc/ disable Cancel button when not downloading  
7201 699d 10h nisargshah95 /programs/network/ftpc/ Fix FTPC logging, change log file path  
7167 722d 09h nisargshah95 / Fix broken treelist icons  
6835 1125d 08h hidnplayr /programs/ Remove duplicate  
6582 1229d 08h nisargshah95 /programs/ refactor code, add GUI and fix bugs  
6437 1361d 15h nisargshah95 /programs/network/ftpc/ add proper error handling for socket functions  
6436 1361d 15h nisargshah95 /programs/network/ftpc/ add proper error handling for socket functions  
6394 1407d 13h nisargshah95 /programs/network/ftpc/ add support to parse parameters  
5098 1985d 10h clevermouse / switch build system to Tup  

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