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4922 2329d 23h ashmew2 /programs/network/ftpc/ Added RDIR command to FTPC  
4920 2331d 02h hidnplayr /programs/network/ftpc/ small bugfixes  
4918 2334d 15h hidnplayr /programs/network/ftpc/ FTPC 0.12: notify user when connect failed, added timeout when receiving commands from the server.  
4845 2354d 08h hidnplayr /programs/network/netstat/ Print link state in human readable format.  
4834 2357d 04h hidnplayr /programs/network/pasta/ small bugfixes  
4833 2357d 07h hidnplayr / Pasta: fixed memory leaks, added to autobuild.  
4832 2357d 07h hidnplayr /programs/network/pasta/ New program: pasta.
Upload contents from clipboard or file to
4828 2358d 11h gtament /programs/network/ircc/ Fixed my unaligned text fix in IRCc  
4827 2358d 12h gtament /programs/network/ircc/ Now fixed unaligned text problem in IRCc even for small screen resolutions  
4824 2359d 04h gtament /programs/network/ircc/ Fixed unaligned text problem  
4805 2363d 02h hidnplayr /programs/network/zeroconf/ Fixed timeout  
4804 2363d 03h hidnplayr /programs/network/zeroconf/ Be a tiny bit more verbose.  
4798 2363d 10h hidnplayr /programs/network/netstat/ make sure long names for network devices fit inside the window.  
4790 2363d 23h leency /programs/network/zeroconf/ zeroconf: new @notify support  
4788 2364d 02h hidnplayr /programs/network/netcfg/ cleanup, trimming some fat.  
4781 2365d 11h hidnplayr /programs/network/netstat/ Eye candy  
4743 2368d 01h hidnplayr /programs/network/telnet/ Updated demo URL's  
4742 2368d 04h hidnplayr /programs/network/netstat/ Keyboard support for netstat (tab, pgup, pgdown)  
4740 2368d 13h hidnplayr /programs/network/netstat/ Added dots in IPv4 addresses and dashes in MAC addresses.  
4737 2368d 23h leency /programs/network/netstat/ Netstat: remove unnecessary comments  

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