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2765 2950d 03h leency /programs/network/htmlv/lib/ update kolibri.h-- lib  
2764 2950d 03h leency /programs/network/htmlv/browser/ HTMLv 0.92: basic menu RMB, downloader spike v2.0, code cleaning  
2763 2950d 19h leency /programs/network/htmlv/ HTMLv 0.9b, preparation  
2739 2958d 09h leency /programs/network/htmlv/ Text-based Browser 0.9, changes in history.txt  
2738 2959d 02h leency /programs/network/downloader/trunk/ downloader 0.62: downloading by pressing Enter, old code deleted  
2737 2959d 03h leency /programs/network/downloader/trunk/ downloader: write to window when file downloaded  
2725 2960d 19h leency /programs/network/htmlv/ htmlv: bug with history fixed  
2713 2961d 22h leency /programs/network/downloader/trunk/ downloader: added edit_box, using system colors, removed old code  
2712 2962d 02h leency /programs/network/downloader/trunk/ downloader: bug #22 (bug with address inputbox) fixed  
2696 2966d 22h leency /programs/network/htmlv/browser/ HTMLv 0.83: hew home icon, <b> tag optimized  
2660 2981d 18h leency /programs/network/htmlv/ HTMLv 0.81: improvements for fb2-files (books)  
2605 3011d 20h leency /programs/network/htmlv/browser/ HTMLv 0.8: forward button start work.  
2579 3017d 22h clevermouse /programs/network/downloader/trunk/ make downloader save the file if launched without cmdline  
2566 3019d 20h leency /programs/network/htmlv/ HTMLv: memory fixes, <img> fix  
2558 3020d 21h leency /programs/network/htmlv/browser/ HTMLv: file size decreased, thanks lev  
2528 3025d 07h leency /programs/ correction kolibri.h-- for DefineButton. It defines only after deletion previous button with this ID.  
2495 3033d 04h leency /programs/network/htmlv/ HTMLv: small fix  
2447 3045d 05h leency /programs/network/htmlv/browser/include/ try to fix  
2444 3045d 07h leency /programs/network/htmlv/ HTMLv fix, thanks Rock_maniak_forever  
2433 3047d 18h leency /programs/network/htmlv/browser/ HTMLv 0.78  

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