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1834 3450d 14h yogev_ezra / Add ICQ to the auto-build script  
1833 3450d 14h hidnplayr /programs/network/icq/trunk/ ICQ:
- deleted unused files
- Spelling mistake corrected
- Added correct build_xx.bat files (altough program itself still needs to be translated)
1832 3450d 16h yogev_ezra /programs/network/icq/ network/icq: sources uploaded to SVN  
1801 3454d 04h yogev_ezra /programs/network/zeroconf/trunk/ zeroconf.asm - fix typos  
1735 3466d 14h clevermouse / fix compilation in linux  
1729 3486d 13h hidnplayr /programs/network/airc/trunk/ Changed default server in Airc to freenode.  
1728 3487d 13h clevermouse /programs/ fix compilation in linux  
1726 3493d 07h ataualpa /programs/network/airc/trunk/ AIRC: added Russian translation, and now I made it correctly;)  
1725 3493d 13h clevermouse /programs/ Files {BOARD,AIRC}.ASM restored from before svn.1723:
- BOARD.ASM@1723 can not be compiled (wrong path to MACROS.INC)
- AIRC.ASM@1723 lacks english support
1723 3494d 08h ataualpa /programs/ Stackcfg: improved Russian translation and added Ukrainian, AIRC: added Russian translation  
1646 3568d 16h mario79 /programs/network/downloader/trunk/ Downloader v0.5
1) reducing the size of the binary code,
2) program uses far less memory while running (>0x7000, the old version used >0x100000)
3) process only net event at start with parameter (URL)
1645 3569d 12h clevermouse /programs/network/downloader/ upload downloader  
1325 3863d 05h tsdima /programs/network/ftps/trunk/ change directory added  
1323 3864d 06h tsdima /programs/network/ftps/trunk/ buffered output for LIST and NLST  
1315 3867d 12h clevermouse /programs/network/airc/trunk/ correct handling of nick changes in airc  
1302 3878d 04h tsdima /programs/network/ftps/trunk/ fix: delete command  
1301 3878d 04h tsdima /programs/network/ftps/trunk/ fix: get after put long file  
1297 3881d 07h tsdima /programs/network/ftps/trunk/ fix: delay between disconnect and connect (waiting for ACK)  
1287 3882d 06h tsdima /programs/network/ftps/trunk/ fix: local port for data connection selected by kernel  
1247 3904d 05h diamond /programs/network/terminal/trunk/ senseless upgrade in useless application  

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