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1325 3824d 21h tsdima /programs/network/ftps/trunk/ change directory added  
1323 3825d 23h tsdima /programs/network/ftps/trunk/ buffered output for LIST and NLST  
1315 3829d 04h clevermouse /programs/network/airc/trunk/ correct handling of nick changes in airc  
1302 3839d 20h tsdima /programs/network/ftps/trunk/ fix: delete command  
1301 3839d 21h tsdima /programs/network/ftps/trunk/ fix: get after put long file  
1297 3843d 00h tsdima /programs/network/ftps/trunk/ fix: delay between disconnect and connect (waiting for ACK)  
1287 3843d 22h tsdima /programs/network/ftps/trunk/ fix: local port for data connection selected by kernel  
1247 3865d 22h diamond /programs/network/terminal/trunk/ senseless upgrade in useless application  
1188 3903d 07h clevermouse /programs/network/airc/trunk/ airc v0.6  
1102 4020d 21h diamond /programs/ * libs-dev: style of exported names changed, ini.get_int -> ini_get_int
* programs which use libs-dev updated accordingly
* libimg: support for .ico and .cur files (icons and cursors)
* kiv: show many different images in one file in one row
1017 4144d 14h diamond /programs/ heed and tftpc use sysfn 70 instead of deleted 33  
1011 4145d 22h hidnplayr /programs/network/zeroconf/trunk/ bugfix  
1010 4146d 00h hidnplayr /programs/network/ Moved Zeroconf to the right directory.

Changes in stackcfg:

Removed Static IP setting (now obsolete because of zeroconf)
Added dutch translation.
Auto-read settings when program loads.
1009 4146d 00h hidnplayr /programs/network/autodhcp/trunk/ AutoDHCP renamed to zeroconf

zeroconf now uses zeroconf.ini for static settings
zeroconf.ini should be in the same directory as the zeroconf application
993 4175d 01h Ataualpa /programs/ Sysxtree now knows more file types, and dnsr got Russian interface  
664 4610d 23h ataualpa /programs/network/stackcfg/trunk/ Stackcfg now has Russian interface  
661 4613d 00h ataualpa /programs/ Some programs now use window style Y=4  
625 4650d 05h diamond /programs/ some optimized variants from K0700  
556 4728d 20h heavyiron /programs/network/airc/trunk/ airc 0.51 (bugfix release):
*Using dns resolve instead of static IP for default server
*Fixed drawing of russian letters "х" and "ф"
551 4732d 22h spraid /programs/ in some programs set not sized changed window  

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