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9366 56d 12h leency /programs/media/zsea/ zSea: proper align menu, make separators less bold  
8271 426d 09h IgorA /programs/ animage use ColorDialog  
6884 1757d 03h punk_joker /programs/media/zsea/ zsea: cosmetic fix  
4878 2838d 08h leency /programs/media/zsea/ zSea: fix window position in case when @panel in the top (consider working area)  
3476 3208d 02h mario79 /programs/ Color Dialog - some redesign of the 'history of selected colors' area.  
3423 3230d 07h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/ zSea rc5 - use ColorDialog to select color for "background image to the proportional stretching with inscribing"  
3184 3297d 16h IgorA /programs/media/zsea/ zSea use check_box2  
2354 3632d 03h mario79 /programs/ Box_Lib - Scrollbar type 2  
2237 3778d 22h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/ zSea - correcting to current date  
2189 3788d 04h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/ zSea - correcting to current date  
2188 3788d 04h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/ zSea - positioning for background "proportional stretching with cropping"  
2163 3796d 10h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/ zSea rc4
1) background image to the proportional stretching with cropping
2) optimize scaling.obj
3) scaling.obj and convert.obj support RAW header to all cases is now
2116 3810d 07h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/ zSea - 2 small bugfix.  
2000 3858d 07h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/ zSea - cleaning and preparing the source code  
1959 3882d 05h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/ Autobuild script (buildall.bat) for zSea  
1958 3882d 08h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/ 1) Correcting the "Scaling" module to new invoke.
2) Some corrections for "RAW to RAW" and "Rotate" modules.
1951 3884d 04h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/ zSea - advanced image viewer for KolibriOS
v.1.0 rс3 12.06.2011