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7134 829d 09h dunkaist /programs/ Remove some duplicates:,,, etc.  
6884 1085d 11h punk_joker /programs/media/zsea/ zsea: cosmetic fix  
6637 1244d 13h leency /programs/ Eolite fix issue with wrong path highlighted, delete cmm/experimental/ttf_performance and cmm/lib/obj/truetype.h, zSea increase default window size  
6435 1401d 23h serge /programs/media/zsea/ zSea: fixed long command line handling  
5098 2023d 18h clevermouse / switch build system to Tup  
4878 2166d 16h leency /programs/media/zsea/ zSea: fix window position in case when @panel in the top (consider working area)  
3834 2438d 00h mario79 /programs/ OpenDialog - documentation for keys  
3829 2443d 02h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/ zSea - support for extended command line  
3740 2462d 03h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/Docs/ Correction of translation.  
3739 2462d 06h mario79 / Translation of docs for zSea into English.  
3476 2536d 09h mario79 /programs/ Color Dialog - some redesign of the 'history of selected colors' area.  
3425 2558d 14h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/ Small fix r.3423 - disable unused include files.  
3423 2558d 14h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/ zSea rc5 - use ColorDialog to select color for "background image to the proportional stretching with inscribing"  
3184 2625d 23h IgorA /programs/media/zsea/ zSea use check_box2  
3014 2695d 23h dunkaist /programs/ merge to
place in /programs
delete all the other and files
correct some programs to use common
2354 2960d 10h mario79 /programs/ Box_Lib - Scrollbar type 2  
2237 3107d 06h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/ zSea - correcting to current date  
2236 3107d 06h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/ zSea - background image to the proportional stretching with inscribing  
2189 3116d 12h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/ zSea - correcting to current date  
2188 3116d 12h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/ zSea - positioning for background "proportional stretching with cropping"  

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