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6763 1323d 10h IgorA /programs/media/scrshoot/ shots saved in format *.png  
5158 2077d 11h hidnplayr /programs/media/scrshoot/ 16bpp support.  
2628 3006d 10h mario79 /programs/media/scrshoot/ SCRSHOOT - Support for boot parameter 'DIRECT'  
2432 3048d 04h leency /programs/media/scrshoot/ scrshoot: label length fixed.  
2431 3048d 04h leency /programs/media/scrshoot/ scrshoot: label fixed  
2246 3208d 02h leency /programs/media/scrshoot/ scrshoot: checkbox captions centered  
1702 3526d 05h Lrz /programs/ Add newline a nightbuild  
1685 3538d 16h lrz /programs/ Screenshoot use new version checkbox.  
1610 3594d 04h mario79 /programs/media/scrshoot/ Screenshooter - small fix for autoshoot.  
1608 3594d 13h mario79 /programs/ Screenshooter:
1) select path for save with OpenDialog
2) bag fix for threads stacks

Small fix for OpenDialog filter data
1373 3836d 02h IgorA / deleted file 'editbox_ex.mac' all programs  
1228 3914d 10h Lrz /programs/ upgrade  
1214 3924d 06h Lrz /programs/ A library box_lib.obj is reentrant dll.  
1109 4053d 06h Lrz /programs/media/scrshoot/ change path to load_lib.mac  
1100 4057d 06h Lrz /programs/media/scrshoot/ a logic bugfix.  
1098 4058d 06h Lrz /programs/media/scrshoot/ support system library box_lib.obj  
833 4370d 18h Lrz /programs/ add new version editbox in programs  
551 4768d 04h spraid /programs/ in some programs set not sized changed window  
485 4811d 10h heavyiron / *kernel - fixes in 15.2 by Mario79 and 67 by mike.dld
updated sysfunc.txt
new icons and logo for CPUID and ICON
added new version of @ICON and ICONMNGR
fixes in iconedit and calendar from DedOK
new algoritm of fill background in pic4
all apps (fasm-writen only) rewriten to use common for easy recompile in fastcall mode (there is a bug in https; run need rewrite to use common
small fixes in build_all.bat script
451 4846d 22h heavyiron /programs/ *Cpuid 2.19 - client-relative drawing, title with Fn0
*Pic4 - client-relative drawing, title with Fn0, system colors
*rdsave, run, scrshoot - fixes for current editbox
*vrr_m - fixed header

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