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3334 2787d 21h Serge /programs/media/Fplay/ FPlay: fullscreen mode  
3292 2793d 01h Serge /programs/media/Fplay/ FPlay: intel-2D render frontend  
3248 2803d 22h Serge /programs/media/Fplay/ Fplay: recovered files from broken hdd.  
3068 2885d 01h serge /programs/media/Fplay/ FPlay: let's type something  
2693 3070d 02h Serge /programs/media/Fplay/ FPlay: ffmpeg-0.11 + rewind  
2427 3156d 02h Serge /programs/media/Fplay/ FPlay UI: PAUSE and even more PAUSE  
2421 3157d 23h Serge /programs/media/Fplay/ FPlay UI: caption, buttons and cursors  
2415 3159d 04h Serge /programs/media/Fplay/ new UI  
2349 3173d 14h Serge /programs/media/Fplay/ sna scaler  
1696 3634d 07h serge /programs/media/Fplay/ Fplay source code.