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4676 2541d 01h right-hearted /programs/media/ Deleting the folder  
4675 2541d 01h right-hearted /programs/media/MuPDF/ Comission of MuPDF  
4620 2554d 13h hidnplayr /programs/media/midamp/trunk/ fixed crash while trying to work with an empty playlist.  
4583 2569d 07h Asper /programs/media/ac97snd/ac97snd/ fix m3u playlist support  
4448 2608d 10h Serge /programs/media/ Fplay: remove old code  
4447 2608d 10h Serge / Fplay: move resource file to Fplay/skin  
4187 2675d 11h eAndrew / Palitra v0.7.6 - Loading/saving colors from/to file.  
4079 2690d 02h leency /programs/media/cdp/trunk/ CD Player: use 70.1 function to set window title  
3969 2710d 06h IgorA /programs/media/voxel_editor/ 'voxel_editor': fix and update rotation functions  
3951 2714d 07h mario79 /programs/media/animage/trunk/ ANIMAGE - inactive window does not receive mouse events  
3904 2731d 03h leency /programs/media/palitra/trunk/ Palitra (Palette) 0.75: RMB set additional color, reduced redraw when picker used  
3834 2780d 15h mario79 /programs/ OpenDialog - documentation for keys  
3829 2785d 17h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/ zSea - support for extended command line  
3750 2803d 03h GerdtR /programs/media/ Removed unneeded files  
3749 2803d 04h GerdtR /programs/media/infinity_mixer/ Added to the normal infinity_mixer  
3748 2803d 04h GerdtR /programs/media/ Added infinity_mixer  
3740 2804d 18h mario79 /programs/media/zsea/Docs/ Correction of translation.  
3739 2804d 21h mario79 / Translation of docs for zSea into English.  
3714 2808d 07h IgorA /programs/media/log_el/trunk/ fix for the new 'box_lib.obj'  
3533 2840d 01h yogev_ezra /programs/media/ac97snd/ac97snd/ Try to fix r.3495 (Z:../../programs/media/ac97snd/ac97snd/ac97wav.c(1282) : error C2373: 'memmove' : redefinition; different type modifiers)  

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