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1228 4145d 04h Lrz /programs/ upgrade  
1214 4155d 00h Lrz /programs/ A library box_lib.obj is reentrant dll.  
1144 4203d 07h diamond /programs/ correction of previous revision  
1143 4203d 07h diamond / remove trash created in previous revisions  
1109 4284d 00h Lrz /programs/media/scrshoot/ change path to load_lib.mac  
1102 4286d 21h diamond /programs/ * libs-dev: style of exported names changed, ini.get_int -> ini_get_int
* programs which use libs-dev updated accordingly
* libimg: support for .ico and .cur files (icons and cursors)
* kiv: show many different images in one file in one row
1100 4288d 00h Lrz /programs/media/scrshoot/ a logic bugfix.  
1098 4289d 00h Lrz /programs/media/scrshoot/ support system library box_lib.obj  
1096 4289d 21h diamond /programs/media/pic4/trunk/ pic4: fixed background install  
1092 4291d 05h diamond /programs/media/pic4/trunk/ pic4: memory requirements reduced  
1087 4294d 01h diamond /programs/media/kiv/trunk/ bugfixes in KIV  
1080 4297d 02h diamond /programs/media/kiv/trunk/ kiv: support for animated images  
1040 4389d 04h diamond /programs/media/kiv/trunk/ kiv: fixes in drawing and moving to next/prev images  
1016 4410d 15h diamond /programs/media/kiv/trunk/ kiv: new icons from Leency; can set wallpaper, can jump to prev/next images  
1004 4413d 04h diamond /programs/media/kiv/ kiv: simple libimg-based viewer  
958 4458d 19h leency /programs/media/imgview/ imgview 0.08  
956 4459d 05h leency /programs/media/animage/trunk/ Animage header use sysfunc 70.1  
833 4601d 12h Lrz /programs/ add new version editbox in programs  
832 4602d 02h mario79 /programs/media/mv/trunk/ MV v.0.65
1) Use new version Editbox (Thanks <Lrz>)(mouse correctly works in secondary thread)
2) The memory used for storage of the file BMP after conversion in RAW comes back to OS.
3) Usage of keys 1,2,3,4 for call of buttons of the application without the mouse, before the key were defined incorrectly.
4) Deleting of the unnecessary procedure of clearing of a background of a picture at pressing the button "Open"
828 4605d 08h mario79 /programs/media/mv/trunk/ MV v.0.6
1) Use Editbox (Author <Lrz>)
2) Draw window without fill working area (C = 1)
3) Open file with parameter in patch:
Size of parameter - 4 bytes. Parameter starts with the character "\",
the unused characters are filled by a blank (ASCII 20h).
'\T /hd0/1/1.jpg' - set background, mode: tile
'\S /hd0/1/1.jpg' - set background, mode: stretch

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