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7344 942d 22h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ Kosilka: finalize translation, add extra files  
7341 942d 22h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ trying to fix LANG 4  
7340 942d 22h pavelyakov /programs/games/kosilka/ Fixed lang  
7338 942d 22h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ trying to fix LANG 2  
7336 942d 23h pavelyakov /programs/games/kosilka/ Fix language  
7334 943d 01h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ tring to apply tranlations  
7333 943d 01h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ fix the same variable names  
7332 943d 01h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ Kosilka 1.16: add English translation, translate code comments into English  
3137 3030d 14h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ kosilka: fix end level  
3132 3030d 15h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ kosilka 1.15: buildin skin from leency  
2334 3371d 01h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ kosilka fix by Unduing. P.S. Thanks!  
2133 3513d 19h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ hm... and like that  
2132 3513d 20h leency /programs/ small fixes  
2131 3513d 20h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ kosilka: I wish rolling up bug fixed (I have no MSVC, so if there is any misstake, please fix it :)  
1143 4245d 01h diamond / remove trash created in previous revisions  
1012 4453d 16h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ Kosilka animation fix by Gluk  
969 4497d 00h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ Kosilka src update  
968 4497d 01h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ added kosilka sources v1.1