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2752 3101d 15h leency /programs/games/mario2/trunk/ mario the game: gui update  
2734 3104d 20h Albom /programs/games/kox/trunk/ KOX: window with skin, system colors for button and text  
2683 3114d 06h leency /programs/games/arcanii/trunk/ arcanii: window title corrected  
2682 3114d 12h leency /programs/games/rsquare/trunk/ rsquare: corrected window title, BUT it should be maked as it game 15  
2681 3114d 12h leency /programs/games/15/trunk/ game 15: correct window title  
2679 3114d 17h leency /programs/games/tetris/trunk/ tetris: "НОВАЯ" sentered  
2678 3114d 18h leency /programs/games/phenix/trunk/ phenix: button captions fixed  
2677 3114d 19h leency /programs/games/phenix/trunk/ phenix: corrected window header  
2674 3114d 21h leency /programs/games/pong3/trunk/ pong3: correct window title  
2655 3138d 17h Albom /programs/games/mcities/ mcities: simple turned-based game 'cities' for two players, no AI.  
2526 3170d 21h leency /programs/games/pipes/ Effort to fix Pipes  
2501 3177d 11h IgorA /programs/ fix some functions  
2359 3209d 14h IgorA /programs/ 1) add new game 'life3'
2) small fix 'buf2d.obj' (in rev. 2358)
2334 3243d 17h leency /programs/games/kosilka/ kosilka fix by Unduing. P.S. Thanks!  
2295 3334d 06h leency /programs/games/flood-it/trunk/ flood-it v2.4 c--  
2285 3341d 16h leency /programs/games/ eliza readme uploaded, mblocks trunk optimizations  
2283 3343d 19h leency /programs/games/flood-it/trunk/ flood-it: fixed bug, optimizations  
2282 3345d 11h leency /programs/games/flood-it/trunk/ flood-it reduced binary file size  
2281 3345d 12h leency /programs/games/flood-it/trunk/ flood-it v2.1: player can make turn by pressing a key  
2276 3346d 12h leency /programs/games/flood-it/ flood-it src uploaded  

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