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8219 8d 08h IgorA /programs/ update macros @use_library  
8199 10d 18h IgorA / fix life2, update life3  
8164 18d 09h maxcodehack /programs/games/fridge/ Add Makefile to fridge game  
8151 20d 08h dunkaist /programs/games/attack/ Attack (aka Ataka): source of old game by chaykin.  
8114 36d 07h maxcodehack / Delete original pictures  
8084 55d 18h maxcodehack /programs/games/fridge/ Fridge
- Add victory screen, and print to board a message
- Add random restart
8082 61d 13h maxcodehack /programs/games/fridge/ FIX 3  
8081 61d 13h maxcodehack /programs/games/fridge/ FIX2
Add pictures to the game
8080 61d 13h maxcodehack /programs/games/fridge/ Add original pictures to game  
8079 64d 19h maxcodehack /programs/games/fridge/ Add screenshot and compilation script  
8072 66d 09h maxcodehack /programs/games/fridge/ Fix first level, colors  
8071 66d 17h maxcodehack /programs/games/fridge/ Add "Pilot's fridge" game  
8058 97d 10h ConLenov /programs/games/solitaire/ Add Console Solitaire game  
7984 185d 02h leency /programs/ CMM: decrease the size of apps, thanks lev for hints
+ some bugfixes
7982 185d 10h leency /programs/ C4: update window, -1 IMG sector  
7966 188d 13h hidnplayr /programs/games/soko/trunk/ use relative path  
7932 194d 10h leency /programs/games/bomber/ Bomber: revert rev.7670 "compress images by Andrey Oskin"  
7786 226d 14h leency /programs/ @menu: return to orthodox flat design  
7774 229d 10h leency /programs/ app size decrease  
7773 229d 15h leency /programs/ optimize pipes.raw
menu: new menu component

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