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9728 578 d 18 h sober_dev /programs/ Opendial and File Browser control
1) Now shows the full value for the year
2) For ".." dir is not shown unnecessary data
3) Finding the end of section [icons16] for r7241
9587 625 d 20 h vitalkrilov /programs/ Fixed misuse of "/rd/1" (changed to "/sys") for all other programs  
9568 629 d 11 h IgorA /programs/ fix function name 'edit_box' to 'edit_box_draw'  
8271 1030 d 15 h IgorA /programs/ animage use ColorDialog  
7786 1258 d 21 h leency /programs/ @menu: return to orthodox flat design  
7548 1779 d 19 h leency / menu.dat: small update
terminal: use big fonts
menu: fix thread height
rdsave, opendial: use system colors
7052 2180 d 17 h leency / move /sys/File Managers/z_icons.png to /sys/icons16.png  
6196 2782 d 22 h leency /programs/ system_colors: global rename and change meaning of "grab_button" to "work_3d_dark", and "grab_button_text" to "work_3d_light", the legacy of new_sys_colors table  
5878 2882 d 9 h pathoswithin /programs/fs/opendial/ OpenDialog: button text fix  
4236 3600 d 9 h mario79 /programs/fs/opendial/ Fix some bug.  
4159 3611 d 19 h mario79 /programs/fs/opendial/ Fix of crash bug.  
4061 3626 d 11 h mario79 /programs/fs/opendial/ OpenDialog
1) separate logic code for processing error of starting directory for mode "Save file"
2) Fix some bugs
4055 3627 d 7 h mario79 /programs/fs/opendial/ Fix some bugs.  
3983 3639 d 10 h mario79 /programs/fs/opendial/ OpenDialog - not process the file path if the directory consisting zero amount of files.  
3865 3698 d 22 h mario79 /programs/fs/opendial/ Fixed bug erase the file name (Save mode) when opening an empty root directory.  
3831 3716 d 10 h mario79 /programs/fs/opendial/ OpenDialog support for r.3830 (Box_Lib - FileBrowser search for a file by the first letter)  
3815 3726 d 22 h mario79 /programs/fs/opendial/ Some fix for r.3812  
3812 3727 d 1 h mario79 /programs/fs/opendial/ OpenDialog
1) Change label on the button, depending on the position of the cursor (directory or file) for Save mode.
2) Change the name of the file (for editbox) in when the cursor on the file (when set directory - nothing changes) for Save mode.
3808 3727 d 20 h mario79 /programs/fs/opendial/ OpenDialog uses system colors is now  
3734 3739 d 6 h mario79 /programs/fs/opendial/ OpenDialog - rebuilding the device list before calling the menu "select disk", it is necessary to support the reconnection of devices (usb, tmp, etc.)  

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