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6801 1530d 07h IgorA /programs/ archiver.obj: fix function deflate_rle
kiv: clean code
6799 1534d 09h IgorA /programs/fs/kfar/trunk/zlib/ new version 'longest_match'  
6797 1536d 04h IgorA /programs/ optimize struct 'z_stream'  
6780 1547d 00h IgorA /programs/ fix compress size  
6775 1549d 21h siemargl /programs/fs/unzip60/ final cp866 version  
6764 1554d 03h siemargl /programs/fs/unzip60/ base unicode version  
6745 1557d 08h siemargl /programs/fs/unzip60/kolibri/ base working version  
6741 1557d 10h IgorA /programs/ optimize 'libimg.obj',
fix in 'zlib.obj',
animage can save '*.png' files
6727 1562d 02h siemargl /programs/fs/unzip60/kolibri/ start work, but buggy  
6725 1562d 05h siemargl /programs/fs/unzip60/ unzip initial commit  
6704 1569d 02h IgorA /programs/fs/kfar/trunk/zlib/ fix input limit 64 Kb  
6673 1575d 23h IgorA /programs/fs/kfar/trunk/ merge libraries 'archiver.obj' and 'zlib.obj'  
6652 1578d 06h IgorA /programs/fs/kfar/trunk/zlib/ small fix in header  
6639 1580d 10h IgorA /programs/fs/kfar/trunk/zlib/ some fixes and optimize  
6617 1584d 23h IgorA /programs/fs/kfar/trunk/zlib/ add 'zlib.obj'  
6196 1843d 08h leency /programs/ system_colors: global rename and change meaning of "grab_button" to "work_3d_dark", and "grab_button_text" to "work_3d_light", the legacy of new_sys_colors table  
6169 1846d 06h leency / rename "desktop" app to "skincfg"  
5951 1907d 21h pathoswithin /programs/fs/kfm/trunk/ KFM: text fix  
5887 1940d 03h pathoswithin /programs/fs/kfm/trunk/ KFM: appearance fix  
5878 1942d 20h pathoswithin /programs/fs/opendial/ OpenDialog: button text fix  

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