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8617 47d 00h maxcodehack /programs/fs/minizip/ minizip: Use zlib as dynamic lib (smaller program's size)  
8616 47d 02h maxcodehack /programs/fs/minizip/ Fix build and smaller size (-Os)  
8615 47d 03h maxcodehack /programs/fs/minizip/ Add minizip and miniunz  
8614 47d 03h maxcodehack /programs/fs/minizip/ Upload minizip ( unzipper port  
8524 97d 05h maxcodehack /programs/ - SDL Demo - fix Tupfile.lua
- Move sysxtree and mfar to outdated
8271 136d 01h IgorA /programs/ animage use ColorDialog  
7996 320d 02h leency / KFM: use build-in icons  
7899 340d 05h leency / move some apps to the programs/testing folder  
7882 341d 09h Boppan /programs/fs/unimg/ Make it buildable by both TCC and GCC.
Remove extra readme.txt (all info is in fat12.c)
7869 342d 21h leency /programs/fs/unimg/ unimg: cross compiling, revert back deleted functionality  
7868 343d 00h Boppan /programs/fs/unimg/ Rewrite unimg to compile with GCC (-60% of size).  
7867 343d 06h leency / various small updates  
7864 343d 18h leency / MENU.DAT: general update of Russian version
UNIMG: upload binnary, add to IMG
KWINE: upload to SVN, add to ISO
7863 343d 19h leency / FASM: fix whole system hung if source was "dd %t" (by Prohor Nikiforov)
KFM: buildin buttons.bmp
CMM: update libs
7843 349d 04h Boppan /programs/fs/unimg/ New tool: unimg - KolibriOS image unpacker.  
7801 362d 03h leency / KFM: use @open  
7800 362d 04h leency / WebView: support *.url link files  
7786 364d 07h leency /programs/ @menu: return to orthodox flat design  
7649 702d 10h leency /programs/ move programs to /other/outdated folder: copy2, imgview, mv, dictionary
upload correct mfar sources
7640 719d 01h leency / add sntp to IMG
move notes to ISO
new icons: MGB, TXT; folder icon update
KFM fix toolbar background overflow window border
fit eskin into a single FAT sector

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