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7134 1016d 01h dunkaist /programs/ Remove some duplicates:,,, etc.  
1316 3945d 02h serge / kms kernel  
1077 4148d 18h Galkov / changing by forum post 23500:
1) f68:15,18 moved to f68:24,25
2) f68:15,18 set to obsolete
1075 4149d 16h Galkov /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/clib/fpu/ change functionality of f68:15, f68:18  
952 4310d 16h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/clib/crt/ set argc=1 when no cmdline  
880 4365d 17h serge /programs/ pixlib 0.1  
727 4616d 12h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/clib/ Clib chsize, fstat, setmode.
set_file_size: watcom-specific implementation
711 4621d 20h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/ Clib create_file, read_file, write_file: watcom-specific implementation  
705 4629d 10h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/ correct stack depth checking  
704 4629d 12h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/ linking native Kolibri executable  
703 4631d 04h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/ SIGFPE handling  
702 4633d 16h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/ add  
701 4634d 07h serge /programs/ update clib  
698 4639d 10h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/ update Open Watcom  
615 4782d 16h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/clib/crt/ update CLib startup code  
614 4782d 16h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/clib/ update CLib  
613 4784d 17h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/clib/handleio/ handleio  
554 4845d 15h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/clib/ Clib char & math functions  
553 4846d 01h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/clib/ Clib string & memory functions  
550 4849d 16h serge /programs/ doom beta  

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