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710 4544d 06h andrew_programmer /programs/develop/libGUI/ Save of registers after an entrance in function is added: SendMessage (), DestroyControl ().  
706 4548d 14h andrew_programmer /programs/develop/libGUI/ Save of registers after an entrance in function libGUI is added.  
683 4594d 05h heavyiron /programs/develop/libGUI/src/ fixed 682 revision  
682 4594d 12h andrew_programmer /programs/develop/libGUI/ Mistakes in controls are corrected: ProgressBar, Text, Image.  
676 4613d 05h andrew_programmer /programs/develop/libGUI/ Support of background color for control Text is added.  
675 4621d 09h andrew_programmer /programs/develop/libGUI/ Function RemoveComponent is renamed in MoveComponent.
New function is added.
void ActivateTrapForSpecializedMessage (dword *control) - to activate a trap for the specialized messages.
648 4656d 16h andrew_programmer /programs/develop/libGUI/ That new in this version:

1) Transfer of parameters to functions of library is copied on the convention stdcall.

2) Now functions link on names.

3)Now, if to guide the mouse on a component and to press the left button of the mouse all
messages from the mouse are sent only to this component.If to release(let off) the left
button of the mouse messages from the mouse again become accessible to all components.

4) In library new functions are added.
int Version (void) - to receive the version of library. The version comes back in a format: year + month + day.
The current library has version 71014.
void RemoveComponent (void *Control, int new_x, int new_y) - moves a component to new coordinates.
void ResizeComponent (void *Control, int new_sizex, int new_sizey) - changes the size of a component.
Examples of use of these functions look in example Bookmark.

5) The example of work with libGUI in programming language C is added. This example is a part of the interface
written by me for my scientific program.