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7610 350d 19h IgorA / 'info3ds' can open *.stl files  
6081 1500d 10h IgorA /programs/develop/info3ds/ update programs  
5938 1551d 16h IgorA /programs/develop/info3ds/ update program, use *.ini file  
5935 1554d 16h IgorA /programs/develop/info3ds/ update program  
5911 1570d 08h IgorA /programs/ 1) update 'tree_list', functions use stdcall
2) update 5 programs for new 'tree_list'
5881 1575d 15h IgorA /programs/develop/ 1) fix in system macro 'copy_path'
2) optimize program 'info3ds'
4332 2274d 19h IgorA /programs/develop/info3ds/ update 'info3ds'  
2173 3090d 20h IgorA /programs/develop/info3ds/ info3ds: now can edit vertex coordinates  
2165 3093d 10h IgorA /programs/develop/info3ds/ info3ds:
1) added documentation
2) new window for coordinates view
2136 3103d 20h IgorA /programs/develop/ buf2d.obj:
- new function 'buf2d_resize'
- update resize window
- update function 'block_analiz_data'
2125 3107d 17h IgorA /programs/ Text Editor:
1) fixed bug with mouse inactive window
2) small optimization
TE syntax file converter:
1) uses a 'PathShow'
1) fixed bug with mouse inactive window
2) small update
1) documentation on the 'PathShow'
2107 3110d 14h IgorA /programs/develop/info3ds/ 'info3ds': added information on new chunks