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5098 1857d 13h clevermouse / switch build system to Tup  
4664 2035d 08h hidnplayr /programs/develop/examples/example/trunk/ updated example.asm with format binary as "", so that fasm does not add .bin extension by default.  
4343 2132d 08h mario79 /programs/develop/examples/clipboard/ Additions and changes to the documentation for the clipboard.  
4318 2142d 06h yogev_ezra /programs/develop/examples/example/trunk/ example.asm: Fix typo - fixes #67  
4317 2142d 18h mario79 /programs/develop/examples/clipboard/ Fix for r.4200  
4200 2164d 00h mario79 /programs/develop/examples/clipboard/ Clipboard Example Applications.  
3570 2328d 15h hidnplayr /programs/ Moved IPC demo to /programs/develop/examples/  
3529 2335d 09h mario79 /programs/develop/examples/example/trunk/rus/ Addition to a previous revision.  
3528 2335d 09h mario79 / Correction for r.3527  
3527 2335d 16h hidnplayr / Updated example.asm, added to english distribution.  
3117 2492d 11h leency /programs/develop/examples/ md5 example for Menuet (hehe) deleted as outdated, use libcrash from dunkaist  
3064 2517d 15h leency /programs/develop/examples/example/trunk/ example update  
1144 3700d 17h diamond /programs/ correction of previous revision  
1143 3700d 17h diamond / remove trash created in previous revisions  
1034 3894d 17h Lrz /programs/develop/ some optimization, for function mcall 66,3  
1031 3894d 19h Lrz /programs/develop/examples/editbox/trunk/ bugfix, correct work NUM Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock  
872 4026d 11h heavyiron /programs/ fasm 1.67.27
@panel - removed binary file
icon - version from latest version kolibri
icon_new - movable icons (early development :)
cpuspeed - new title
830 4099d 15h Lrz /programs/develop/ optimization mouse code and delete 9 function and not use it now  
807 4126d 23h Lrz /programs/develop/examples/checkbox/trunk/ fixed small bug  
772 4227d 07h gluk /programs/develop/ fixed some grammar errors in Russian help-files (for new users and respect-up of our community)  

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