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9220 223d 01h Boppan /programs/develop/clink/ [clink] Make it compile by GCC  
9088 306d 14h Boppan /programs/develop/clink/ [clink] Improve program argument system  
9085 306d 16h Boppan /programs/develop/clink/ [clink] Small fixes for GCC (rev. cbd306345347fae28f12fa7f79960403d19e216e)  
9084 306d 23h Boppan /programs/develop/clink/ [clink] Emit log on -v, -verbose or --verbose  
9080 308d 02h Boppan /programs/develop/clink/ [clink] Update to revision ed897ae9c5dd7e13444aad65506698a34802a69e

- Allow to set output file name
9075 309d 15h Boppan /programs/develop/clink/ [clink] Update to revision b8d0c8154f15478f34027ab959277ddf2c706354
- Fixed bug with 8-char name symbols
- Fixed bug with label values
- Added warning for non-zero VirtualAddress
8959 333d 17h Boppan /programs/develop/clink/ [clink] Show undefined symbols  
8948 335d 12h Boppan /programs/develop/clink/ [clink] Verify input files  
8620 452d 18h Boppan /programs/develop/clink/ [clink] Return zero (success)  
8618 453d 19h Boppan /programs/develop/clink/ [clink] Fill BSS section by zeroes  
8579 476d 16h Boppan /programs/develop/clink/ Add clink (COFF-to-COFF linker cpable of making DLLs for KolibriOS from several separated COFF objects)