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995 4313d 19h mikedld /programs/develop/libraries/libs-dev/libini/ libini: changelog update (added missing ini.*_color notes)  
992 4317d 14h heavyiron /programs/develop/fasm/trunk/ fasm 1.67.29  
989 4318d 15h mikedld /programs/develop/libraries/libs-dev/libini/ libini: version bump  
988 4318d 15h mikedld /programs/develop/libraries/libs-dev/libini/ libini: get/set color values; bugfixes  
987 4318d 15h mikedld /programs/develop/tinypad/trunk/ tinypad: 4GB line length limit; settings in INI file; bugfixes  
952 4336d 00h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/clib/crt/ set argc=1 when no cmdline  
949 4339d 11h leency /programs/develop/fasm/trunk/ FASM window move (for cursor and icons bug invisible)  
919 4366d 14h mikedld /programs/develop/libraries/libs-dev/ Fixed major issue in libini (set_* affected) connected with wrong parameters to
Commented out wildcards test from test001 (function is no longer exported thus can't be tested)
896 4375d 05h heavyiron / Compiled programs now use int 40h by default instead of fastcall ( to work well in emulators.
Deleted binary files - SVN is for sources only
882 4388d 18h serge /programs/develop/libraries/pixlib/ lost pixlib sources  
881 4389d 18h serge /programs/ pixlib 0.2  
880 4391d 01h serge /programs/ pixlib 0.1  
879 4392d 22h serge /programs/ cleanup  
872 4404d 17h heavyiron /programs/ fasm 1.67.27
@panel - removed binary file
icon - version from latest version kolibri
icon_new - movable icons (early development :)
cpuspeed - new title
853 4457d 16h diamond /programs/develop/libraries/console/ console: API for get/set cursor pos & clear screen  
852 4457d 20h diamond /programs/develop/libraries/console/ console: added gets2() with user callback  
845 4464d 08h mikedld /programs/develop/libraries/libs-dev/ libs_dev: refactoring, comments  
836 4473d 20h diamond /programs/develop/libraries/console/ console library: upload sources  
835 4476d 01h serge /programs/develop/fasm/trunk/ fix memory allocation  
830 4477d 22h Lrz /programs/develop/ optimization mouse code and delete 9 function and not use it now  

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