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1953 3597d 10h mario79 /programs/ 1) OpenDialog is moved to separate directory and corrected for new cnv_png.obj
2) Ctrldemo (demo of Box_Lib) is corrected for new cnv_png.obj
3) Actual
1937 3617d 10h art_zh /programs/ fastcall/syscall instructions should be avoided in future
due to possible compatibility problems.
1927 3636d 16h jaeger /programs/develop/tinypy/tinypy/ tinypy: removed unused file.  
1926 3637d 05h jaeger /programs/develop/tinypy/tinypy/fasm_modules/ Added a draft of assembler module template.  
1925 3637d 05h jaeger /programs/develop/tinypy/tinypy/ Fixed libc path.  
1921 3639d 05h dunkaist /programs/develop/libraries/libs-dev/libimg/ libimg: basic xcf support (reading)  
1914 3671d 12h jaeger /programs/develop/libraries/menuetlibc/src/libc/ansi/stdio/ Added snprintf() and vsnprintf() functions.  
1913 3671d 13h jaeger /programs/develop/tinypy/ Uploaded tinypy sources.  
1910 3677d 07h IgorA /programs/develop/libraries/buf2d/trunk/ library 'buf2d.obj':
add new function 'buf2d_set_pixel'
1908 3688d 02h serge /programs/develop/libraries/newlib/ newlib: fix pseudo relocations  
1907 3690d 13h serge /programs/develop/libraries/ libraries: update Makefiles  
1906 3691d 04h serge /programs/develop/libraries/newlib/ newlib: update  
1905 3691d 12h serge /programs/develop/libraries/ libmpg123 1.9.0  
1904 3692d 03h IgorA /programs/develop/kol_f_edit/ added to the program styles to the window object  
1903 3692d 17h serge /programs/develop/libraries/newlib/include/ newlib: update includes  
1902 3694d 16h serge /programs/develop/libraries/Mesa/ Mesa: disable s3tc  
1901 3696d 15h serge /programs/develop/libraries/ Mesa 7.10.1  
1898 3698d 17h serge /programs/develop/libraries/ build ddls  
1897 3701d 01h serge /programs/develop/libraries/ libpng 1.5.1  
1896 3701d 03h serge /programs/develop/libraries/zlib/ zlib-1.2.5  

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